The Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2017 You Need To Know

Get Ready Because 2017 Is Going To Be One Scary Good Year For Horror Movies!

2016 proved to be successful for horror movies. The genre had smaller features like ‘The Shallows‘ become a surprise hit while proven franchises like ‘The Conjuring 2′ brought in the big bucks.

Now with 2017 just kicking off, what is there to looking forward to? It looks like it will be another amazing year for horror with some crazy slasher returns, another Alien film, and the return of an infamous clown!

Check out the most anticipated horror movies of 2017 below and let me know which you are most excited for!

1. ‘Alien: Covenant’

  • Before the trailer was release, ‘Alien Covenant‘ had a spot on this list. After the amazing Christmas present from Ridley Scott, the new entry in the Alien franchise instantly rushed to my most anticipated spot!

2. ‘It’

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown is coming to get you again. The horrifying Stephen King novel is being turned into feature film following a 1990 miniseries. A modern retelling of this story seems needed after 2016’s clown fiasco.

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3. ‘A Cure for Wellness’

  • Gore Verbinski changed American horror movies in 2002 with ‘The Ring’. I expect that ‘A Cure for Wellness‘ will be another big game changer! The teaser trailers intrigued but the first real trailer is creating some major buzz.

4. ‘Get Out’

  • Comedian Jordan Peele comes to the horror genre with some aggression. ‘Get Out‘ is a racially-charged and intense look at what happens when a man meets his girlfriend’s family. Will comedy still play a part in this film?

5. ‘God Particle’

  • God Particle‘ isn’t being released with little notice like ‘10 Cloverfield Lane‘ but the third entry in the franchise has the same aura of mystery around it. Little is none than a vague plot description and the actors involved.

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6. ‘The Dark Tower’

  • Speaking of Stephen King again, another adaption of his work is coming. His novels to horror movies have always been hit or miss but ‘The Dark Tower‘ is looking to be a major hit. Also, Idris Elba is always a win!

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7. ‘Raw’

  • This film is famously known for causing causing mass vomiting and fainting during a screening at the Toronto Film Festival so the hype for ‘Raw‘ is real. Little is known other than the plot of a vegetarian sucked into a cannibal cult.

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8. ‘Friday The 13th’

  • We may not know much about this movie but at least we do know there will be a new ‘Friday The 13th‘ this year. It was pushed back from January 13th 2017 to October 13th 2017 by Paramount but hopefully it’s for good reason.

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9. ‘Flatliners’

  • Was anyone asking for a remake of this niche 90’s movie? No but the story of ‘Flatliners‘ is so intriguing that I’m happy to see it revisited. With a new young cast led by Ellen Page, this could be a sleeper hit…

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10. ‘Suspiria’

  • I’m a massive fan of director Dario Argento and his classic giallo film ‘Suspiria‘. Usually if someone is a big fan, they don’t want to ever see a remake. But once this film landed Tilda Swinton in a lead role, I was sold!

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11. ‘Split’

  • The public is beginning to regain faith in M Night Shyamalan. ‘The Visit‘ from a few years ago was a good start. Now ‘Split‘ hopes to keep the faith there. Can’t wait to see James McAvoy juggle all these crazy personalities.

12. ‘Saw Legacy’

  • And you thought the Saw franchise was over with. Coming back from the dead, ‘Saw Legacy‘ doesn’t have much information released but we do know Tobin Bell is returning. Can it retain the epic levels of gore from before or will it evolve?

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13. ‘The Mummy’

  • The original Cinematic Universe is making a big return in 2017. Universal Horror Movies are a cinematic staple and this movie hopes to return the franchise to its glory. The first trailer of ‘The Mummy‘ looks fun but we need more scares!

14. ‘XX’

  • An anthology filled with multiple horror movies directed by four women? Count me in! As of late, some of the best independent horror have been anthologies with great gimmicks. There’s hope for ‘XX‘ to continue this streak.

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15. ‘Untitled Halloween Project’

  • John Carpenter is returning to the series he created. Signing on to be a producer for a new ‘Halloween‘ film comes as a big deal after the polarizing Rob Zombie films. Will this return to form for Michael Myers prove to be a hit?

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16. ‘Insidious: Chapter 4’

  • I don’t think anyone expected Insidious to become a major horror franchise. Now with ‘Insidious: Chapter 4‘, it looks like things aren’t stopping anytime soon. Coming this October, I expect it to be a box-office smash.

17. ‘Kong: Skull Island’

  • The granddaddy of all monsters, King Kong is welcoming guests to his home on Skull Island. ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ comes after a solid ‘Godzilla‘ film from Legendary so there’ is high expectations for this.
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