Andrew Garfield Talks About Honoring Source Material In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield talked about trying to make the movies appeal to a younger audience.

“I had to fight really, really hard to make sure that the character was honored and that we were offering something really fun, entertaining and also moving and complex and deep for all the young boys and girls that want to see their favourite superhero.”

The actor then goes on to discuss his dissatisfaction with how the movies turned out.

“So many beautiful things came out of that [working on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’] I met someone that remains incredibly important to my life on that — you can fill in the blanks on who that is. But the difference between how I felt when Never Let Me Go and The Social Network were coming out and how I felt with The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was that I didn’t feel represented. I was feeling very represented by those other two films, and with The Amazing Spider-Man stuff I didn’t feel like that was my work up there, in a weird way. It felt like a semblance of it or kind of a shade of it, but ultimately I felt it was enshrouded in that filter.”

Many fans would agree with him. Although I personally liked the franchise they were building, there’s no doubt that Sony chopped up and edited the movie to their liking.

What are your thoughts on his comments? Did you enjoy his portrayal of Peter Parker? Let us know in the comments.

SourceTHR via Heroic Hollywood

Aric Sweeny
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