‘All The Money In The World’ Trailer: Ridley Scott Tackles a True Kidnapping Drama

All The Money In The World is something different from Ridley Scott, a true story about the famous J. Paul Getty grandson kidnapping case back in the early 70s. Scott is stepping away from swords, sandals, and aliens to head back into American Gangster territory.

Sounds like an awesome plan. Check out this trailer:


For anyone unfamiliar with the story, here’s an excerpt from Empire magazine about the back story after J. Paul Getty’s hard-partying teenage grandson is taken one night outside a nightclub:

Unfortunately for the younger Getty, his grandfather didn’t think much of his father or his party lifestyle, and, initially believing the teenager might have staged the whole thing himself, at first refused to pay. He was also unmoved by the pleas of Paul’s mother, as Gail Harris (Williams) had divorced his son and snubbed his money to raise her children alone. One of Paul’s ears was posted to the family, and eventually a $2.9 million sum was stumped up. It affected Paul for the rest of his life and he died aged 54. Nine of the kidnappers were arrested, and two were sent to prison.

Kevin Spacey looks wild as Getty. In there with Spacey is Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg, and young Charlie Plummer as the teen grandson, Getty III.

These are the Ridley Scott movies we need more of, as much as I unapologetically enjoyed Alien: Covenant.

All The Money In The World opens December 8.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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