‘Aftermath’ Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger is Seeking a Complicated Vengeance

Aftermath, originally titled 478, stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a man seeking revenge on someone who killed his family.

That all sounds familiar and very much in the vein of classic Arnie. But Aftermath is based on a true story and has little more on its mind; and judging by this trailer we are getting even more of that somber, aging, Maggie-esque Schwarzenegger, and less a man tearing through baddies to exact his pound of flesh.

Check out the trailer:

Much more subdued that I expected. The synopsis on IMDb simply says the film is “Based on the airline accident that occurred in July of 2002 and the events that took place 478 days later.” However, there is so much more to the story.

Schwarzenegger is clearly after Scoot McNairy, who plays the air traffic controller whose mistake caused his wife and daughter’s plane to crash. The grieving father and husband in the real-life story was Vitaly Kaloyev, who eventually tracked down air traffic controller Peter Nielsen in his apartment and stabbed him to death. Yeah, heavy stuff…

This is definitely more of the complicated moral gymnastics Schwarzenegger tried in Maggie, the low-key zombie family drama he did back in 2015. Even though it may not be his strongest talents as an actor, it’s fascinating to see this former muscleman try his hand at something different late in life.

Aftermath is directed by Elliott Lester, and aside from Arnie and Scoot McNairy, stars Maggie Grace, Kevin Zegers, and Hannah Ware. Schwarzenegger returns to theaters and On-Demand on April 7.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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