5 Reasons ‘Genocide’ Should Be The Villian In Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman has become one of DC’s hottest properties at the moment. Not only is making millions in the box office, it’s shining the spotlight on one of DC’s often overlooked characters.

With the success of the first movie, it’s obvious that Wonder Woman will be getting a sequel. In April , Jenkins told Entertainment Weekly that the next movie “will take place in the U.S., which I think is right. She’s Wonder Woman. She’s got to come to America.”.  While nothing has been confirmed, it’s a given that we will be getting a Wonder Woman 2.

As with any good hero, the strength of their movie can depend on the villain. The issue with Wonder Woman for a lot of people is that her villains aren’t as well-known as The Joker, Doomsday or General Zod. Most people are expecting  classic Wonder Woman villain Circe or Cheetah to be in the new movie. Admittedly these are great options, however I’d like to point out 5 reasons why they should choose lesser known villain Genocide.

  1. The Problem With Fame
If Batman vs Superman taught us anything, sometimes having a big name villain can work against you. If you’re casting a big name there’s already pre-conceived ideas of how that villain should look. The same issue will pop up if Jenkins chooses to use Circe or Cheetah.  Genocide won’t have that issue, whilst she’s a terrific villain her story arc was a relatively short one.


Brought to life by some of the world’s darkest minds and science (Dr. Ivo and T.O Morrow in the comics, but could easily be retconned to Doctor Poison and setting up Circe for the 3rd movie.)  Genocide is made from soil from the sites of some of the worst acts of Genocide in the world’s history. These include Auschwitz, Rwanda, Cambodia and Croatia. This dust is then used with magic to create and animate a golem. Filled with rage and hatred, the newly created Genocide sets her eyes on the amazons and Wonder Woman.

Admittedly the original arc plays into a larger story called ‘Rise Of The Olympians‘, it could easily be condensed and fitted around the established DCCU. Instead of Ares being part of it, change it to a shadowy figure who is later revealed to be Circe. Instead of T.O Morrow use Doctor Poison.  Using a lesser known villain here as cannon fodder could easily set up a third movie. Circe is known in the comics to play the long game, using Genocide as a puppet to taunt Diana plays to her secretive nature.

2. The Powers

Genocides power set is off the charts. Not only does she have the standard super strength, speed, reflexes and durability she can also heal herself. Think Doomsday and you’ll be along the right lines. Not only can she do all of this, she can project anger into her opponents and then feed off their rage to increase her own strength. She’s also got Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth woven through her body – where she can use it attack people’s very souls.



Having a villain who can very easily match Diana makes for some great action sequences. The first time these two fought in the comic, Wonder Woman got destroyed. Not only did Genocide leave Diana a bloody mess, she also managed to fight off the rest of the Justice League. If Patty Jenkins wanted to include other JL members, this would be a great option for her to do so.
3. A Way Back To Themyscira 

When Diana choose to leave Themyscira, she was told she would not be able to return. With Genocide setting her sites on all Amazon’s it would be a fun way to force Wonder Woman to return. Genocide could easily be the villain on American soil, have a few fights in America. As the movie progresses and Diana looses the lasso, she knows she must return home for something to help her.  It would be a fun way to bring in a costume change for Wonder Woman. HER ARMOURED FORM!! They could then return to American soil for the big show down.

Lets be honest – who wouldn’t want to see this amazing suit of armour on the big screen!

4. Casting Choices

The casting so far in the DCCU has been spot on. While you don’t see a face for Genocide, there are a number of casting options to go for. Due to the nature of Genocide, physicality would be an important factor so my initial option would be Milla Jovocich. She’s got the physical aspect of the role down, she would make a good match to Gal Gaddot. Alternatively I’d be tempted to suggest Michelle Rodriguez, she’s got the presence to pull off Genocide as well. Admittedly the chances of either of these is slim to none, but I have faith in the casting directors of DC. (If they’re reading this I’d like to put in a bid for Lucy Lawless to play Circe! Please make this happen!)

5.  A Worthy Match

The constant issue with characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman is finding an enemy that can go toe to toe with them. Genocide would work because she is a worthy physical opponent for Diana. Their fights are ruthless, it allows her to truly tap into her powers with an opponent who can withstand them. Having her go up against an opponent who can not only match her, but be better than her would allow the audience to see the true strength of Wonder Woman.

Do you agree with the idea of Genocide as the next villain? What other lesser known villains would you like to see Diana face? Want to help start a campaign to get Lucy Lawless to play Circe? Sound off in the comments below.


Jamesey Lefebure
Jamesey Lefebure
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