Five Favorite Films From The Year I Was Born: 1985

Sadly, if you were not born in 1985, that overplayed Bowling for Soup cover song from the early ’00s invariably is what you turned to in your head when the year 1985 is mentioned. However, you just shouldn’t do that. In any case, Great Scott! The year 1985 was a decent year for films, and thus it made it a little difficult to narrow things down. Though, with lists, there can be only some.

Whether you were born in 1985 or not, these films should not be much of a surprise, and this list was compiled based on opinion, and their place in cinema history.

Back to the Future


There are few greater films from 1985, and the ’80s in general, than the Delorean-based time-travel epic, Back to the Future. Iconic characters and vehicles abound, this holds a special place in many ’80s kid’s hearts. Subsequent sequels predicted a few interesting things that came after. Not to mention it being iconic in pop culture, and managing to revive John Delorean’s fledgling car company for a little while.



Chevy Chase was not only an epic SNL cast member but one of many kings of comedy through the ’80s and ’90s. In 1985, he played Irwin Fletch, an undercover newspaper reporter. Fletch, and the National Lampoon Vacation films, was Chase at the top of his game. One thing that made Fletch stand taller and loftier above the rest was Chevy Chase’s allowance to ad lib and take the dialogue wherever he chose. There are few comedies better, especially, in 1985.

Silver Bullet


Okay. So, the werewolf looked mostly terrible, and apparently, it wasn’t a perfect Stephen King adaptation, but it was probably the first adaptation many fans saw and fell in love with. Silver Bullet is a Corey Haim led, ’80s cult classic, whether Stephen King wants it to be or not. At least, unlike The Shining, King has never had a bad thing to say about it.



Re-Animator may only be a cult classic, and likely wasn’t a blockbuster, but it still stands the test of time as being one of most iconic horror/ gore-splatter films in history. H.P. Lovecraft might have taken some issues with the treatment of the source material (Keeping in mind that Lovecraft was a huge Edgar Allan Poe fan, and it showed in this particular story), but certainly, the core elements still existed. Re-Animator was over top with gore, and a certain potentially sexual scene involving a severed head, but all the rest of the ingredients combined make it an epic horror comedy.



Clue has indeed managed to do what so many board games and video games wish they could have done, succeed as a cult classic while bringing the game faithfully to life. Clue boasts quite a cast, and at no point does it slow down or gives up the pace that keeps the suspense and humor come hurtling toward its three optional conclusions.

Choosing my top five 1985 flicks was extraordinarily difficult, so I created a short runners-up list: Once Bitten, Summer Rental, Cat’s Eye, Day of the Dead, The Breakfast Club, Teen Wolf, and Return of the Living Dead. 1985 was a surprisingly good year for film depending on who you ask, and in this case, it happens to be this writer.

Did your 1985 films make the cut?

David Joseph
David Joseph
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