Why The Rumored Cancellation Of ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Is A Big Deal

The proof everything must come to end is becoming apparent for everyone’s favorite blue blur. Rumors and speculation are swirling around the possibility of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series coming to an end after being with the company for over two decades.Though there has been no official cancellation, the property has been put on a “hiatus” which is never a good thing in today’s market. In the film industry, a delay is usually the first nail in the coffin for a project and in this era of intense “need it now” style of media consumption, any time of holdup could prove to be fatal for product or service.

Unfortunately, the comic community doesn’t seem to be rioting through the streets in an effort to do something about this development. Upon researching this article, few other news stories were mentioning it and the main coverage seem to be from an article or two from other pop culture based websites. Why aren’t fans making this more of a big deal? Where is the all the passion and dedication Sonic and all his friends have received over the years?

If the series would come to an end, it would mark the finale of a series which ran for over 25 years, had a collective issue count (including spin offs and miniseries) of over 500 issues, and be the death of what was the quintessential grounding point for Sonic fans for ages. Whenever a bad game featuring the character would come out, fans would always have the better stories in the comic for evidence the franchise was indeed worthwhile and still entertaining.

Previously, when franchises were coming to a close the fans would join hands and find a way to solve the situation. Fans of Firefly and Green Lantern, found ways to protest and stand behind their products to try and save the media they love. Where is the same level of commitment for a series which has been around for 25 years? Where are the Sonic The Hedgehog fans when he needs their help?

If there is some kind of petition for the series to keep going and we haven’t heard of it, please post a link in comment section and let us know. Perhaps the more active members of the Sonic fan community are up in arms and devising a way to save him. It would be a shame if such a well loved series came to an end with a whimper instead of a Sonic Boom.

Anthony Wendel
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