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It has recently been announced a sequel to Shin Godzilla has been cancelled in favor of a new Toho Cinematic Universe. What does this revelation mean for the King of the Monster and the Ruler of Skull Island? Time to break down the important parts of this news.


The Monsterverse

With the news Godzilla license will be up for Legendary Pictures after 2020 after the 4th installment in the Monsterverse, Godzilla vs. Kong, there is a lot of revelations moving forward. First off it means Godzilla will not be able to appear in the Monsterverse until a new licensing agreement is reached and this will not be possible until the new Toho Cinematic Universe comes to an end. A large amount of time will pass before the King of The Monsters can return to Legendary Studios. This leads to the obvious question: Will The Monsterverse end in 2020?

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Not necessarily. If Legendary Studios wishes to continue there is a lot of potential for additional movies in the franchise not starring Godzilla. Having more movies featuring King Kong would be of great benefit to the character. The majority of King Kong’s movies have focused on retelling the original 1933 story of the creature being taken from his home and going wild in New York. More films featuring Kong on Skull Island or facing monsters which are not Godzilla would help to add more mythology or opponents to the character’s history.

There also is the possibility of other non-Toho giant monsters being introduced to the Monsterverse. Perhaps even slowly introduce a larger threat which can’t be stopped until all of the monsters come together to fight it together. Much like Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a world destroying monster or even an alien invasion could all be possible plots develop until Godzilla is able to return to America to help in the fight.

Godzilla vs. Gigan

A Toho Cinematic Universe

Now it’s time to look at what will come from Godzilla returning to his home studio with the intent of a Cinematic Universe. This was tried previously during the Heisei Period of Godzilla Films (1984-1995) where the events of the films greatly impacted one another moving forward. There was also a character which made an appearance in the majority of these films known as Miki Saegusa (played by Megumi Odaka). Still, there was still plot holes and elements which didn’t make sense. A new series of films where the actual intent is a continued story would be entertaining and not completely impossible for the studio to pull off.

A return to a Japanese studio would could also result in the dream film becoming reality. The legendary battle between two giant monsters who surprisingly still have never battled despite fans wanting them to face off. Godzilla would be able to meet Gamera in combat. Think of it! Godzilla vs. Gamera. The King of the Monsters against the Guardian of the Universe. It is the dream match fans have been desiring for years.

For now, all fans can do is wait to see what happens with this new development. At least they shouldn’t be concerned though as giant monsters always will never truly be gone.

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