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Time Travel, Multiverses, Multiples, and so much more all in this week’s RAPID FIRE RECAP as the highly anticipated INFINITY WARS PRIME #1 arrives with an epic cliffhanger and MR. AND MRS. X #1 has a Honeymoon that’s out of this world. 

Almost every last Marvel Comic, cliffhanger, and plot twist released the week of July 25, 2018, is going to get SPOILED ROTTEN!  Turn back now, unless you’re done reading for the week OR you simply just don’t care. Don’t forget to click on our book titles below to read our fantastic reviews.



Adam Warlock goes into the Soul Realm and comes across something that looks like the Demogorgon. Then, some Final Fantasy looking character holding an over-sized broad sword cuts off Thanos’ head.  No lie, Thanos is DEAD!

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Rogue and Gambit have a honeymoon in space until Kitty asks them for help. It puts a new spin on “to the moon Alice!” Then, the new married couple fights with the Imperial Guard and Rogue gets lost in space until she’s picked up by Deadpool.


Peter’s back in school, dating MJ, and things are looking up until he bumps into another Peter Parker. Or, did he bump into another Spider-Man? Either way, there are two of them now! And remember, all it takes is a little bit of money, and then anyone can teach kids; even if that person is a man-eating, giant lizard.


Ben and Johnny don’t have their powers anymore and are stuck in another multiverse led by an Evil Spider-Man. After listening to the TALKING HEADS, Ben and Johnny burn down their house.  Meanwhile, Amadeus Cho sends out a multiversal message that’s answered by the Fantastic Four led by the Mad Thinker. Yikes!


Bob lost his Confluctor and frantically tries to find it before time runs out, and he gets thrown in jail by Misty Knight, Tony Stark, and the military. But, he’s too late.  Readers find out that it was Bob’s sidekick Billy who stole the Confluctor and wants to be the new Sentry. Billy just wants to fill that void…😀


A duplicate of Jamie Madrox went into the future with four other duplicates to stop himself (another duplicate) from taking over the world. Confused yet? These doubles join a Resistance led by Jamie Madrox Prime’s son and Forge. However, the Hulk duplicate gets pissed during a fight and blows up.


Knull created the Necrosword and killed a Celestial. After losing the sword to the God Butcher, he began establishing symbiotic relationships with all lifeforms. Knull traveled the cosmos until Thor broke his connection with his symbiotes. The symbiotes revolted, covered Knull, and formed planet Klyntar around him.

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