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Matthew Rosenberg keeps his hot streak going in MULTIPLE MAN #2 with his comedic banter and over-the-top time travel insanity. Who are these four other people in the X-mansion? Why is Jamie traveling through time? Will any of this zany adventure make sense when this issue is done? Let’s find out!

WRITTEN BY: Matthew Rosenberg
ART BY: Andy MacDonald
COLORS: Tamra Bonvillain
LETTERS: Travis Lanham




Multiple Man 2-1


Jamie Madrox, as well as his four superpowered duplicates, jump through time 15 years into the future where ANOTHER Jamie Madrox is ruling over the world as Emperor on a thrown of skulls. Is it “our” Jamie that’s the evil dictator or a different duplicate? Beats me. Hopefully, Rosenberg will clue readers in at some point.

Next, our five superpowered Jamies save this little boy from other evil duplicates that appear to be patrolling the city. To show his thanks, the boy takes him to the Resistance. This Rebellion is lead by a 15 year old boy named Davey Miller, who happens to be Jamie Madrox Prime’s son. The Resistance is made up of Davey, Forge, and about 11 Jamie Madrox duplicates that aren’t evil.

The issue ends with “our” Jamie and his four superpowered doubles taking the fight to the evil duplicates until one of them blows up and they have to retreat.

Multiple Man 2-2

The Goods

By far, Rosenberg‘s creative spin on Multiple Man and his zany time travel story beat are the driving force behind the allure of this series. The witty dialogue and creative take on Jamie’s multiples is fantastic. How do the four multiples have super abilities? How far in the future did they all travel from? These questions weren’t answered YET but I have no doubt Rosenberg I’ll give readers the answers to these questions and more by the end of the issue.

Multiple Man 2-3

Some may argue that it seems silly to think Multiple Man could take over the world. I don’t think it’s any more of a stretch than any other hero taking over the world. If someone could make endless copies of themselves, it only makes sense that they could literally create an army to take over the world as we know it. And, that army could be led to the slaughter each day without blinking an eye.

But even if readers don’t think this story is “plausible”, Rosenberg has certainly made it humorous! Jamie’s annoying interactions with himself are what truly make me want to come back for more.

Multiple Man 2-4

The Art

Andy MacDonald’s art is totally fine. It’s clear and easy to follow. Readers can distinguish between characters well and MacDonald’s choice of emphasis per panel is spot on. However, Tamra Bonvillain’s color choices come off a bit flat and dual throughout the issue.  Maybe that’s why I’m not a huge fan of the art? Overall, MacDonald’s art just doesn’t grab my attention and it’s just not overly dynamic. That said: the art was still enjoyable and didn’t take anything away from the story.

Multiple Man 2-5

Should you buy this issue?

I will answer this question with another: do you like stories that are kind of nuts, a little insane, and may not have the big reveal to piece everything together until the end? If so, then this is totally for you! Rosenberg’s humor, and clever dialogue make this issue so much fun to read. You’ll laugh throughout half the issue and be confused throughout the other half… but I’m a good way.

Rosenberg is dealing with time travel and a character that’s been dead for a year. This is hard territory to navigate but he’s doing it with humor, style, and crazy-fun storytelling. I can’t wait to see what Rosenberg’s got for us next. Speaking of crazy-fun; see who wrote himself into the future! Or, should we thank MacDonald for that one?

Multiple Man 2-7

Should you add this to your pull list?

2 issues in and all I want is more. Sure, I have a ton of questions that I want answered BUT if you’ve ever read anything by Rosenberg, you’d know he closes up his issues. I have no doubt he’ll answer all these dangling questions. His reveals just take time. The series is only 5 issues long so we got 3 to go. This adventure is far from over. Get the first issue, grab this one, and add this puppy to your pull list. You can thank me later.

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