Web of Black Widow #5 was the conclusion that Natasha and the fans deserved.


WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #5, out this Wednesday from Marvel comics, concludes Black Widow’s latest tale. It’s a story of revenge and scheming in all the best ways. It is very much a story befitting the infamous Natasha Romanoff.

Natasha is looking sassy and smug on this final cover.


Web of Black Widow has been the tale of Natasha Romanoff, and how an enemy of her past was desperately seeking revenge. This was an enemy who knew the Black Widow well and knew exactly who to target to make the heroine look guilty.

This fifth issue concludes this miniseries, and it is a dramatic and compelling story right up to the end. This series is ideal for long-standing fans of Black Widow, but don’t let that statement intimidate any newer fans from giving it a go.

Never stop to monologue.

The Plot

Web of Black Widow has been a series that constantly compares the past to the present. For in this instance, Black Widow cannot escape her past. Thankfully, Natasha has always been the type to face her issues head-on, so running was never really an option for her.

Jody Houser’s writing in Web of Black Widow #5 was careful and intricate. This is the issue that wraps up the entire plot, after having already revealed who the antagonist is. Looking back on the rest of the series, you can clearly see the groundwork that was laid for the dramatic revelation that is about to occur.

Laying groundwork is something that is always easier said than done. Houser did an excellent job here. The elements were so clear as to almost be telegraphing what was about to happen – but not quite. Instead, they simply jumped to the forefront the moment it was all explained. It was quite clever.

There was something highly satisfying in seeing the resolution in this issue. Perhaps it’s because we were given a chance to see Natasha think outside of her normal bound box. Or perhaps it’s because we simply got a chance to see Black Widow in action once again. No matter the reason, it sure is good to see her up and fighting once again.

All the steps Black Widow took to get here.

The Art

Web of Black Widow #5 is a vibrant piece of art. The whole issue is highly stylized, with heavy shading and bold colors strewn about. It’s honestly the perfect fit for Black Widow, suiting both her darker past and her general nature.

This issue called for, unsurprisingly, a lot of flashbacks and scene changes. Yet each and every different scenario was distinct and immediately clear for what it was. That is yet another thing that is easier said than done. But it was vital for this particular plot.

Stephen Mooney was the lead artist on this project, with Triona Farrell providing those bold colors, and VC’s Cory Petit lending a hand for the lettering. Together they made this tale a memorable one.

And suddenly it all makes sense.

In Conclusion

It is actually sort of sad to see this plot conclude. But at least Web of Black Widow #5 did the series justice with its ending. This was an intricate tale, one that forced the Black Widow to face her past, while also acknowledging when she needed a little extra help. It was beautifully done and has once again raised our hopes for seeing her get a longer running series. Fingers crossed!

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Web of Black Widow #5 was the conclusion that Natasha and the fans deserved. WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #5