Web of Black Widow #4 brings Natasha up against one of her greatest allies. But at least it results in a brilliant fight for the readers.

Allies of the Past in WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #4

WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #4, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics brings us back to a Black Widow on the quest for truth. And maybe a bit of revenge. But when somebody is out there committing murders with her face, what else is Natasha supposed to do?

You can probably guess who Black Widow is about to face, based on this cover alone.


Natasha has been working hard at hunting down the person using her face to kill people from her past. But that means that the Black Widow must also face the past she left behind – and all of the allies and enemies she’s made along the way.

Web of Black Widow #4 brings us perhaps the most iconic partner from Black Widow’s many runs: the one and only Hawkeye. Clint Barton has consistently found a way to make his way into Natasha’s stories. But this time it feels different. And that’s all thanks to the mess of a web that has been woven for her.

Natasha is not looking good, but she’s seen worse…

Tracking down the events of one’s past is always easier when you have complete memories. Unfortunately, that is something Natasha is lacking. Perhaps that is the reason she’s been having so much difficulty here. Well, that and the fact that her allies keep getting in her way.

Jody Houser has woven an intricate web in which to trap Black Widow in. Web of Black Widow #4 once again played around with the past and the present; unraveling Natasha’s story one element at a time. This tactic has been used to a brilliant extent in this series, building intrigue and providing a grounding all at the same time.

The other constant in this series? Each issue has brought Black Widow up against an enemy and an ally of her past. The ally is probably the more notable element here, given that it’s Clint Barton we’re talking about here.

The events that follow are dramatic and deeply emotional, thanks to the combined past of these two heroes. Neither wants to be fighting the other, but they’re both too stubborn to stop or to back down. And talking is simply out of the question. Quippy banter and comebacks are acceptable, of course.

That looks like one of Hawkeye’s arrows, doesn’t it?

Web of Black Widow #4 brought with it some clever artistic scenes. The bouncing in perspectives has lent well to a creative form of storytelling in itself, but it also results in some visually striking panels.

The fighting in this issue was exceptional, showing a dramatic sense of movement and impact. And it wasn’t afraid to draw or show a bit of blood either – which fits with Black Widow, don’t you think?

Stephen Mooney (pencils/inks), Triona Farrell (colors) and VC’s Cory Petit (letters) did an excellent job with this issue, all things considered. Natasha is looking driven and stubborn, which is about par for the course. And the colors for each panel are brilliant, giving us a clear distinction with nearly every time jump (there are exceptions but with intent). And the lettering was simple and understated.

Talk about an unexpected cameo!

Web of Black Widow #4 is the second to last issue in the series. And that means that it’s time to up the ante. This issue brings with it a lot of drama and revelations, but the story isn’t quite over yet. Fans will be left wondering what sort of price Natasha will have to pay when this is all said and done.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Web of Black Widow #4 brings Natasha up against one of her greatest allies. But at least it results in a brilliant fight for the readers. Allies of the Past in WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #4