Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #5 is an eventful issue, full of drama and surprising details, all of which hint at more to come – both in terms of adventures, and character growth for a quirky character such as Aphra.

Tricking a Trickster in STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #5

STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #5, available this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, continues the adventures of the one and only Doctor Aphra. In hindsight, perhaps it is a good thing for this universe that there is only one of her. The sheer level she brings all on her own is more than enough.

A dangerous conversation may not be the best time to ogle all the pretties.

This latest series for Doctor Aphra wasn’t afraid to dive right into the deep end. While she may have made some grand promises to herself (and to others) to stay safe, and well behaved…Well, let’s just say that promises aren’t her thing.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #5 is definitive proof that even when things go right for Aphra (which in itself is a rarity), she’s still going to find herself in hot water. It’s a gift, one that she doesn’t relish, but she has learned to live with.

What started as an adventure (and heist) looking into an ancient and lost tomb quickly spiraled into something else, something infinitely more dangerous. Once again, that isn’t terribly shocking, given who we’re talking about here.

An egomaniac if ever there was one.

The Writing

There’s a lot of trickery and sneaking around in Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #5. While this isn’t unusual for Aphra, Alyssa Wong has succeeded in making this adventure feel entirely new, and somehow even managed to raise the stakes in the process.

On that level, there is quite a lot to appreciate here. On the surface, Aphra’s character doesn’t seem to have changed all that much. But there are subtle details that raise up, upon a close inspection. Details that make it appear that Aphra is still very much capable of feeling. Shocking, I know.

Doctor Aphra #5 is every bit the space caper that little Chelli grew up dreaming about. The high stakes, the sheer amount of treasures available for the taking, even the emotional ties (which increase the tension, and the reward, naturally).

It all made for a thrilling adventure, one with room for a touch of humor, a classic balance for Doctor Aphra. All of this was accomplished while setting up for yet another, and presumably much larger, confrontation. After all, this is Doctor Aphra, and even the most basic of missions result in her running for her life and making enemies.

What a pathetic way of leaving a mark.

The Art

Everywhere the writing succeeds for Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #5, the artwork goes a step farther. The action and adventure are vibrant and daring, the details hidden but present, and so much more.

Marika Cresta (art), Rachelle Rosenberg (colors), and VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters) really did something impressive here. It’s not just the action, or the explosive nature of some of the scenes. It was everything, especially all of those little details that make the series shine.

By all appearances, Aphra is one cool cucumber – until you look closer. The artistic team managed to leave little tells here and there, to make her stress levels evident. It may not feel like much, but it spoke volumes about her actions – and what it was costing her.

Then there are the colors, which really made certain scenes pop right off the pages. It’s all a perfect complement, both to the characters and the mess that they’ve managed to get themselves into. All while setting the tone – one of danger and intrigue.

Where the art and colors provide the groundwork, the lettering by and far is the final touch. It’s through Caramagna’s work that there’s a real sense of sound. You can practically hear the hissing of doors, the impact of shoulders on flesh. To say that these additions enhance the scene would be quite the understatement.

Here’s hoping that this is part of her plan…


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #5 was another fun and chaotic adventure for the one and only Doctor Chelli Aphra. This issue managed to bundle all of her character development in with several action-filled scenes, and still have time to set up for the future.

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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #5 is an eventful issue, full of drama and surprising details, all of which hint at more to come – both in terms of adventures, and character growth for a quirky character such as Aphra. Tricking a Trickster in STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #5