Doctor Aphra #4 is an entertaining issue, setting up for something bigger and more dangerous – knowing Aphra. The artwork for this issue, and series, has been pure perfection, bold colors and character designs all over the place.



Turning the Tables in STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #4

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STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #4, available Wednesday from Marvel Comics, is bringing Doctor Aphra’s adventures back into the forefront, and that means she’s got another bad scheme or two in mind.

The Lost City of Vaale doesn’t seem like the most welcoming of places.

Doctor Aphra’s first series ended in a moment that almost seemed to redeem her character. She made bold moves and decisions – but for once, she was sincerely doing it for the greater good. As opposed to, you know, trying to land a big score.

Now she has a new series, and it’s become clear that the Aphra we all know and love hasn’t changed all that much. She’s still coming up with schemes and heists, though one would like to believe that she has a made room in her heart for more compassion.

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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #4 continues her latest series of adventures, as she works alongside a team that is already fracturing. Apparently, even her first reappearance in the field isn’t enough to protect her from bad teammates and backstabbing.

An escape route perfectly laid out! That isn’t like Doctor Aphra’s luck…

The Writing

If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Doctor Aphra, it’s that she’s always got a plan. She also always knows the difference between a safe plan, and a good plan. Feel free to guess which one she typically goes with.

All of this is relevant information for Doctor Aphra #4. Written by Alyssa Wong, this issue brings her latest plan to an end, but at least she’s already got a few more plans in motion. You know, for dealing with the sudden conclusion of the original plan.

There were some interesting revelations made in this issue, especially in regards to the Lost City of Vaale. It’s actually almost a shame that they didn’t stay there longer, but then again, Aphra never really does seem to stick around much. In this case, it wasn’t much of a choice. However, it does prove that once again Aphra is the most talented at finding fascinating (and deadly) locations.

Overall, this was an incredibly fast issue to read, with much of it setting up for a larger clash in the future. Interestingly, the character development is also setting up for something, but that one is harder to predict.

That however, seems to be more in line for the luck of Doctor Aphra.

The Art

Doctor Aphra #4 features some bold and dynamic artwork. It’s an absolute highlight, not just for this issue, but of the entire series so far. Marika Cresta (art), Rachelle Rosenberg (colors), and VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters) are all working together here, and the end result is quite memorable.

The characters themselves are unique and interesting – from the newly introduced crew, to Aphra’s typical style and preferred partners. The variety is notable, and it also helps to balance out the visual look as well.

The colors lean towards bold, especially in terms of the backgrounds. This went a long way in defining the space both groups were in. Though the starry skies probably steal the show, in the end. Actually, no, that isn’t quite accurate. The Lost City of Vaale does that.

Even when only shown as a backdrop, the City is shockingly foreboding. The faces carved into the stone as every bit as haunting as they should be, and it really does set the tone – even when the crew is actively working to leave.

And there goes the Lost City of Vaale.


Doctor Aphra #4 is another fun and chaotic adventure for Doctor Aphra, even while setting up for a larger confrontation in the future. It’s issues like these that allow for the major moments to actually feel like they carry weight, and so it’s impossible not to look forward to what will happen next.

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