Doctor Aphra #3 is full of character development, creative writing, and stunning artwork, all of which tell a cohesive story.

How the Tables Have Turned in DOCTOR APHRA #3

DOCTOR APHRA #3, available this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, once again dives back into the latest adventure for Doctor Aphra. She’s back, and she’s already working on a new scheme or two. Naturally.


spoilers ahead

There’s no arguing about Doctor Aphra’s character. While she has had her redeeming moments, nobody would mistake her for a good person. Even the dramatic decision she made at the end of her last series was not enough to save her reputation. Not in this ‘verse.

So really, it’s no surprise that she’s once again working on a heist, alongside people with whom she has a decent amount of history. Regardless of that history, it’s pretty clear that Aphra had always planned on betraying them. It’s sort of what she does.

She’s getting ready for some action in Doctor Aphra #3.

The Writing

Doctor Aphra #3 brings with it plenty of drama, much of which is shockingly satisfying, even while still being pretty surprising. That’s Aphra in a nutshell, providing plenty of surprises, alongside a few archaeological facts.

Alyssa Wong wrote a compelling issue here, one that is full of twists and turns. Ironically, the most surprising parts of this issue don’t come from Aphra herself – which in itself is pretty surprising. She’s using the one pulling the fast tricks.

Yet it also feels appropriate, given how many players are currently on the field – and how aware of Aphra they are. As the issue was quick to remind us, Aphra has garnered herself a reputation, and eventually, people are going to start preparing for that.

Still, this is an issue full of action, as well as a few moments, allowing for character development. It’s intriguing, especially as it sets the scene for a bigger confrontation in the next issue. Aphra really doesn’t know how to do anything on a smaller scale, does she?

Not as dead as we thought.

The Art

The artwork in Doctor Aphra #3 is where the series really shines. Her sass has never been more evident, though her reactions to other events are certainly memorable. All put together; this issue is stunning.

Marika Cresta was the lead artist for this issue, providing those classic expressions, while also throwing in a bit of action. Most notably, however, is the background itself. The characters were looking for ancient history, and they found it. Every panel in this issue feels old and somehow manages to draw the eye in.

Rachelle Rosenberg provided the colors, which are truly divine. Some characters stand out among the rest, from those that are newly introduced, to those making a reappearance (looking at you, Black Krrsantan)

Finally, VC’s Joe Caramagna provided the lettering, which is the icing on the cake as far as this issue is concerned. The lettering helped to lead the eye around this ancient building, making sure that every little detail was made note of.

That’s cold, Aphra.


Doctor Aphra #3 brought with it everything that fans could have hoped for. Action, adventure, and more than one case of double-crossing. It’s basically the usual for this character, and thus it really does feel like her adventures are back into full swing.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Doctor Aphra #3 is full of character development, creative writing, and stunning artwork, all of which tell a cohesive story. How the Tables Have Turned in DOCTOR APHRA #3