Doctor Aphra #2 is an issue full of careful character development, haunting implications, and equally foreboding artwork. It's the perfect storm, so to speak.

How The Past Strikes Back In STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #2

STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #2, available Wednesday from Marvel Comics, brings fans back to the infamous archaeologist/thief extraordinaire. That’s right, Doctor Aphra is back, and she’s already neck-deep in another quest (unsurprisingly).


spoilers ahead

Doctor Aphra is a character perfectly designed to fit Star Wars. She loves lore and legends – almost as much as she loves money. Her obsessions take her all over the galaxy, giving fans opportunities to see the farthest reaches available.

All while seeing the chaos that Aphra leaves in her wake. Aphra is not a good person, but Star Wars has shown us that great characters don’t have to be good. They just have to be good at what they do.

In Aphra’s case, that usually means backstabbing and coming up with ill-thought-out plans, you know, the usual. Somehow she always manages to survive, but not without burning a few bridges in the process. It’s what makes her who she is, though, and that’s why fans love her.


Aphra is pretty talented at making enemies on her journies.

The Writing

Doctor Aphra’s latest journey continues. She has a new team, a new enemy, and new plans. The works! She’s totally going to mess things up somehow, even if it technically isn’t her fault (it’s always such a thin technicality too).

Doctor Aphra #2, written by Alyssa Wong is a disturbing tale, as Aphra and her allies explore a location that hasn’t encouraged life in who knows how long. Yet the temptation of lore and riches is too strong – which sounds about right.

The use of flashbacks to provide context and set the tone of the issue was incredibly well done. It’s so easy to forget that Aphra has a history of breaking hearts as well as vaults. She’s also quite talented at making enemies, though this guy is no Darth Vader. Even so, it’s likely that he’s going to cause her endless amounts of trouble.

This series simultaneously worked on humanizing Aphra, all while showcasing the worst traits she has to offer. Further proof that Doctor Aphra is a complex character worthy of her own story.

An extra challenge was thrown into the mix for this heist.

The Art

The artwork of Doctor Aphra #2 is striking and horrifying all in one. The artists for this issue did a fantastic job of finding that balance – and of portraying this haunted site Aphra and her crew have located.

The leading artist for this issue was Marika Cresta, who brought the structures of this site to horrifying life. Possibly literally – only time will tell on that count. It’s an element that starts out subtle, yet becomes a larger focus as time goes on. The character reactions help to sell the entire feel of the place, as well as the events that have occurred.

Rachelle Rosenberg was the colorist, and their colors are perfection. The setting is dark and foreshadowing (as it should be), while the characters are vibrant pops of color against it. The scenery found in the workshop would not have had the same impact, if not for those carefully thought out colors.

Then there’s the lettering provided by VC’s Joe Caramagna. This is an issue with plenty of dialogue, and yet the pages don’t ever feel crowded. There’s still plenty of room to appreciate both the characters and the location they are trying to explore.

In Conclusion

Doctor Aphra #2 was a haunting second issue to this series, yet it feels like the tale has only just begun. The cliffhanger ending is undoubtedly more than enough to get fans coming back for more, all in hopes of learning more about this latest twist.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How The Past Strikes Back In STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #2Doctor Aphra #2 is an issue full of careful character development, haunting implications, and equally foreboding artwork. It's the perfect storm, so to speak.