Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1 features characters we love (both new and old), creative writing techniques, and brilliant artwork. All of which makes for a reading experience sure to thrill fans.

Why Aphra’s Forming A New Team In DOCTOR APHRA #1

The only and only, infamous Doctor Aphra is back in STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #1, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics. If you’re a fan of this mischief-maker, then you’ll be pleased to hear that she has survived her trials on Hoth, and is now assembling a new team.


Fans of Star Wars are surely aware of Doctor Aphra. She’s a force of chaos within the comic book world, and with good reason. Her love of gold tends to outweigh her love of life, and her ambition outweighs both.


That is probably the reason she’s found herself in hot water a time or two. Her first series ended with a moment of redemption, giving us fans something to be proud of her for. But now she’s back, apparently deciding that laying low isn’t as much fun as it sounds. Which actually sounds exactly like Aphra, don’t you think?

Doctor Aphra #1 is going to have to make a point of explaining several things, not least of which is the reason why she’s no longer hiding. Do recall the actions she took against Darth Vader in her final arc.

Doctor Aphra is rocking the Hoth look on Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1.

The Writing

If we’re honest, it never felt likely that Doctor Aphra would lie low for long. It’s just not her style. So the news of Doctor Aphra #1, as well as her formation of a new team, really shouldn’t have been a surprise at all.

Written by Alyssa Wong, this is a fun first issue to a brand new series, one that is naturally full of schemes, grudges, and heists. This is Aphra we’re talking about, after all. The first issue may have a lot it has to establish, and yet it felt comfortable having a bit of fun and showing off some banter between Aphra and the new characters.

Speaking of, like any formation issue, there is a team that we must get to know. The introduction of these adventurers fits the style of Aphra’s series thus far. By that, we mean, they have reason to be concerned about Aphra’s plans.

Each character introduced is unique from the other, and while we only got flashes into their history and personality, it was enough to get an idea of what is in store. More than that, a new antagonist has also been hinted at, making this a well-rounded issue.

Doctor Aphra is spending some time with a couple of her crew mates.

The Art

The art within Doctor Aphra #1 is a thing of beauty. We’re talking about a variety of characters, with different backstories and characteristics worth portraying, plus so much more. Together Marika Cresta (art), Rachelle Rosenberg (colors), and VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters) brought yet another adventure to life.

The character designs are a particular highlight of the issue, though only one of many. All characters, both new and old, have memorable qualities to them, as well as some bold expressions worth featuring.

The backgrounds and color palettes are another highlight, naturally. Both of these help to accentuate the sense of movement (because of course, there’s at least one scene where Aphra is being shot at).

Let us not forget the lettering, which is perfection. There’s nothing more satisfying than the ‘click’ of a weapon pointed at our new leading characters, or the resounding response to their actions.

Trouble is looming on the horizon in Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1.

In Conclusion

Doctor Aphra #1 had a lot to live up to, as far as fans of her series are concerned. That being said, it does so with gusto. While she may have had a redeeming character arc recently, it’s clear that she is not ready to change her ways for good. Never change Aphra, never change.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1 features characters we love (both new and old), creative writing techniques, and brilliant artwork. All of which makes for a reading experience sure to thrill fans. Why Aphra's Forming A New Team In DOCTOR APHRA #1