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With the news dropping of Brian Michael Bendis and Tim Miller pairing up to develop a Kitty Pryde solo film, let’s make some predictions on who could be cast in the titular role.


Anna Kendrick already made it clear that she’s ready to star in her own comic book feature, as she expressed extreme interest in the role of Squirrel Girl. However, that role has already been filled by Stranger ThingsShannon Purser. Could Kitty Pryde be her chance to join the X-Men on the big screen?

Kendrick has proven that she can play a variety of roles.  She’s done teen angst, dramedies, musicals, and voiced animated characters. She’s also demonstrated that she can carry a lead role in the success of Pitch Perfect, which was a sleeper hit, even though its sequels went downhill.


Let us not forget that our sweet, smart “Rory Gilmore” once kicked some ass in the neo-noir crime thriller Sin CityAlexis Bledel played a gun-wielding prostitute, which is a far cry from the role with which she became a household name for in Gilmore Girls.

She’s currently on the Hulu series The Handmaidens Tale and was confirmed as a cast regular for the show’s second season.


Multitalented Hailee Steinfeld broke into Hollywood at the age of 13 with her Oscar-nominated role in True Grit, and she hasn’t looked back. Her role in the Pitch Perfect series also helped boost her music career, which has landed her as high as #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for her song “Starving.”

Steinfeld is currently filming the Transformers prequel film Bumblebee: The Movie, which is set to be released in late 2018. Perhaps she can get some battle tips from movie costar John Cena.


Karen Gillan is no stranger to the Marvel movie world. She’s “Nebula” in Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and will soon appear in Avengers: Infinity War.  She’s also still reeling from the success of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Marvel is notorious for using the same actors as different characters. Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, and Chris Evans have all appeared in different Marvel worlds, and it doesn’t deter from their film presence. With “Nebula’s” extensive makeup, most moviegoers would never realize that they’re seeing the same actress in a new Marvel role.


After her character’s death on The Walking Dead, Emily Kinney continued to be a powerhouse on comic book television with guest roles on both Flash and Arrow.

As “Beth” on The Walking Dead, she stepped up when she needed to.  She took care of her injured father, she tended to newborn “Judith,” and handled a machine gun like it was nothing. She can hold her own, and that’s what Kitty Pryde will need to do in this film.

Honorable Mention: ROWAN BLANCHARD

Rowan Blanchard

If the Kitty Pryde film will stay true to the story from issue 143, as the working title suggests, Pryde should only be about 15 years old. A young actress may have a tough time spearheading a role of this magnitude, so I doubt they’ll cast someone so young. But, if they do, Rowan Blanchard would be my pick.

Girl Meets World’s “Riley Matthews” was a character that was coming into her own, much like the actress was doing in real life. She’s a public activist for feminism, gender equality, and human rights. With that kind of confidence, it may be time for her to join the superhero world.

Who would you like to see cast as Kitty Pryde? Do you agree with my choices?  Let me know!

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