Red Mother #10 is a foreboding issue, as Daisy's life is once again shaken up by forces outside of her control. The story is well complemented by the artwork itself, which is bold and graphic as needed.

The Vessel Is Being Readied In RED MOTHER #10

RED MOTHER #10, available tomorrow from BOOM! Studios, is changing Daisy’s life — again. Her life has been far from easy these past several issues, and it looks like her story isn’t quite over yet.


spoilers ahead

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The psychological thriller continues in Red Mother #10. Daisy McDonough’s entire life was turned upside down on one fateful night. She lost her eye and her boyfriend all in one fell swoop. While she still doesn’t have answers from that night, there was a moment where it seemed like her life was on the upswing again.

Something dark and twisted has made its way into Daisy’s life — something that anybody from the outside could have easily warned her was an illusion — and it seems unlikely that whatever it is would be willing to let go so easily.

This entire series has been full of suspenseful moments and graphic horror, all of which combine to heighten the tale — and the concern for one targeted woman.

Things are about to be set in motion in Red Mother #10.

The Writing

In many ways, Red Mother #10 reads completely differently from the rest of the series. Don’t be mistaken — it is still haunting and disturbing. It simply feels like much of the horror is out in the open, which actually makes it more terrifying, rather than less.

Jeremy Haun did a fantastic job of building up the suspense in this issue. Even the most seemingly normal and benign moments seemed like they were liable to tip the scale at any moment. It was…alarming.

As were many other changes throughout this issue, for that matter. Yes, Daisy is still fighting. If anything, she’s gotten better on that front. But there are many other elements that have gotten darker. Some of them make sense, even without explanation. While others feel like they’re setting up for some sort of dramatic reveal. Granted, that probably isn’t a reveal that Daisy is going to enjoy all that much.

This issue officially flips the series. Before it had felt like a combination of horror and suspense. Now it’s firmly in the world of horror, and the creature hidden by the darkness doesn’t feel so compelled to hide anymore.

Who do you think he’s talking to?

The Art

As dark as the plot gets within Red Mother #10, the artwork is there every step of the way. It’s bold, creepy, and admittedly even gory at times. All of which is thematically appropriate, given everything that is happening.

In fact, there are a few scenes that will make you stop cold. Take the cover (also by Haun!), for example. That is a break from the norm – and yet that simple (yet disturbing) image of an eyeball speaks volumes about what is about to happen. Especially to those who have been following along.

Danny Luckert is the lead artist for this entire series, providing both the lines and the colors. His characters are nuanced, being capable of great pain, and deception. Meanwhile, the colors are dominated by bold hues, such as the bloody impression left by a specific shade of red.

Ed Dukeshire is the letterer, and this is another area in which the artwork shines. The sound of breaking can practically be felt — jumping straight from the pages and into the reader’s nervous system. It adds to the book’s alarming nature in the best of ways.

It all fades to red…


Red Mother #10 is in all likelihood setting the scene for a dark confrontation. Perhaps the final confrontation. That part may be more difficult to predict, yet it is going to make for a fascinating read nonetheless.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Red Mother #10 is a foreboding issue, as Daisy's life is once again shaken up by forces outside of her control. The story is well complemented by the artwork itself, which is bold and graphic as needed. The Vessel Is Being Readied In RED MOTHER #10