The Red Mother #9 is the darkest issue of the series, all while leaving the impression that it's only going to get worse. Both the artwork and the story weave together to create this compelling tale.

When Things Go Wrong in The RED MOTHER #9

THE RED MOTHER #9, available Wednesday from BOOM! Studios, brings us back to the horrors that lie in wait for Daisy McDonough. There is something in the dark that is far from done with this young woman.

Even the title page appears foreboding in The Red Mother #9.

Life has not been easy for Daisy, not since the attack, at any rate. Yet she’s worked hard to put her life back together and keep moving forward. Unfortunately for her, the darkness that follows is also moving forward.

This is a psychological horror through and through and is perhaps not a great series for those looking for something…calmer. Daisy’s journey has not been easy, or free of bloodshed, and it is certainly not about to change anytime soon.

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That is a fact that could not be more accurate in The Red Mother #9, as once again major events and changes are about to reshape Daisy’s life. Arguably, not for the better, but only time will tell.

That’s not haunting or terrifying…nope! Not at all.

The Writing

Where the previous issue was harrowing, The Red Mother #9 is terrifying. Everything that could possibly go wrong is in the process of doing so, with little to no explanation as to how (or why). Only the hint of something…supernatural seems to linger in the air.

Jeremy Haun’s writing hits new levels in this issue. It’s dark and foreboding, while also tearing open Daisy’s psyche, forcing fans to look into the nightmares that have haunted her from the very first page.

The hope that seemed to rise up in the last issue has all but been obliterated. The absence left behind is raw and jagged, and yet it doesn’t feel like the story is done. Not yet, at any rate. There’s still more to Haun’s tale, and that is simply put, terrifying.

Speaking of terrifying, the conclusion of this issue is very much that. There is no such thing as a break in this twisted world, apparently. Now fans are going to have to wait a month to see what exactly is going to come from this cliffhanger.

And so it begins (The Red Mother #9).

The Art

The artwork within The Red Mother #9 is the perfect match to the story within. Both are vibrant and haunting, demanding attention, and leaving more than a few emotional scars in the process. Danny Luckert (art and colors) and Ed Dukeshire (letters) have truly created something wonderful here.

Wonderful, and terrible, that is. They have somehow taken the mundane and turned it into something dark and insidious. There is nothing calming about seeing Daisy walk down a quiet street – only the fear of what could be hiding in plain sight.

From the very start of this issue, everything simply felt wrong. It’s amazing how those introductory panels truly do set the scene. Even without words, without any true idea of what is going on, there’s something unforgettable about those scenes.

The struggles and battles brought to Daisy in this issue had a real sense of physicality to them, thanks in large part to the lettering, as well as the chosen color palettes. Together they grounded the fight, and that made it feel so much more real.

She’s not standing aside this time.


The Red Mother #9 is a heavy issue, with Daisy taking hit after hit. That sense of hope is gone, and yet there’s still something that demands our attention. It’s more than enough to leave fans anxiously waiting for the next issue in this series.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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The Red Mother #9 is the darkest issue of the series, all while leaving the impression that it's only going to get worse. Both the artwork and the story weave together to create this compelling tale. When Things Go Wrong in The RED MOTHER #9