Red Mother #8 is a shocking issue, bringing many surprise twists, which somehow also have always felt inevitable. Combined with striking artwork, it truly is a horror experience worth reading.

How the World Keeps Getting Darker in RED MOTHER #8

RED MOTHER #8, available Wednesday from Boom! Studios, continues the dark and foreboding story that Daisy has found herself unwillingly thrown into. There are simply some stories that cannot be run from.


spoilers ahead

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Daisy McDonough has finally begun to truly recover from that horrible night, many months ago. She’s found herself a new job, new friends, a new place to live, and even somebody new to possibly fall in love with.

That’s not enough to keep old horrors at bay. Something that Red Mother #8 seems intent to remind her – and readers. Whatever grabbed onto Daisy in that dark alley is not content to let go, though the motives of it all have yet to be explained.

If you’re a fan of psychological horrors, this slow-burning series might just be perfect for you. It throws in a dash of supernatural suspense, as well as a deeply human element to bring it all together, and create something new.

Something is lurking in the shadows.

The Writing

Red Mother #8 is a shockingly harrowing issue, though not at all for the reasons one might expect. Okay, maybe partially for the reasons expected. Still, this series has gone above and beyond to set the scene and bring about more than one surprise.

Jeremy Haun carefully crafted a narrative for this issue. For a moment – just one beautiful, brief moment, it seemed like everything was going to be okay for Daisy. Then the readers are reminded of the supernatural that barged into her world.

It’s impressive that, eight issues in, there’s still this vague sense of hope. Likewise, it’s impressive to see how much buildup has gone into this story. It feels like we’re on the cusp of something, and it’s going to be even darker than the rest of the series combined. At least, that is the impression we’re left with.

It’s hard not to walk away with a sense of impending doom – not with all of the imagery readily available in this series. The red leeching into scenes, Daisy’s pain, carefully repeated phrases that are nearly overlooked. The level of foreshadowing is real, and it’s a uniquely terrifying experience to read.

Who can be trusted in Red Mother #8?

The Art

As you might imagine, the artwork in Red Mother #8 makes up a huge part of the story. Honestly, this truly is a plot that goes hand and hand with the artwork. It’s a horror story that wouldn’t have had nearly the same level of impact if told in any other format.

Danny Luckert is the lead artist, creating both the lines and colors. Working alongside him is Ed Dukeshire, who provided the lettering. Together they’ve created a truly…haunting experience here. It starts out subtle, but by the end transforms into something completely different.

The infusion of red has been a highlight of this series, right from the start. It’s ideal, both for the title and for the figure it’s named after. Whenever a scene turns to that stark color, it’s clear that something is about to go wrong.

What’s intriguing are the other notes in this issue. There are other supernatural elements seeping into the pages, as well as a few that feel very human – though perhaps not in a good way. The final page is a shocking twist, made all the more so by Dukeshire’s careful placement of a few key reactions.

The Red Mother is rearing her head once again.


Red Mother #8 is a dark issue, with heavy implications left and right. There’s no doubt that Daisy’s life is about to take another dark turn – and once again she’s not going to see it coming (despite all the hints around her).

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt is an avid comic book fan. She loves comics - possibly too much, and will happily talk your ear off about everything she's reading. Though picking a favorite is a bit harder. She reads a little bit of everything and is always open to trying a new series.
Red Mother #8 is a shocking issue, bringing many surprise twists, which somehow also have always felt inevitable. Combined with striking artwork, it truly is a horror experience worth reading.How the World Keeps Getting Darker in RED MOTHER #8