Red Mother #7 is a dark issue, more for the implications than anything else. Full of careful writing, bold artwork, and creative character development, this issue hints at how bad it's going to get.

How Red Seeps Into the World In RED MOTHER #7

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RED MOTHER #7, available this Wednesday from Boom! Studios, continues Daisy’s journey, following the aftermath of that horrible night. This dark series is a puzzle waiting to be solved by the readers.


spoilers ahead

Red Mother is a series following Daisy McDonough and the events that follow the worst night of her life. Ever since the attack, nothing has been the same. Her life feels haunted. By the loss of her boyfriend, the damage to her eye, and haunted by a mysterious red figure.

The Red Mother is a psychological horror series through and through. Realistically, it is not a series for the faint of heart or those that have trouble seeing the damage that occurs around the face. That is the sort of imagery prevalent within these pages.

Daisy is looking mighty haunted on this alternate cover of Red Mother #7.

The Writing

No matter how far Daisy runs, she cannot get away from what is haunting her. Or is it hunting? She’s made it to another continent, and yet the red is still there, right at the corner of her vision.

Jeremy Haun has continued his thrilling and terrifying tale in Red Mother #7. Daisy’s journey is feeling increasingly claustrophobic, as the supernatural following her gets ever closer. The sense of foreboding is on point in this issue, as are many other subtle elements.

All of which weave together to create a dark and concerning tale. Even the moments of brightness cannot chase away the dark or in this case, the red. It almost feels like the moments of happiness in Daisy’s life as put in place to remind readers of everything that can (and will) be lost when it all goes awry.

There are a lot of elements to appreciate in this issue. The commentary on street art, the subtle clues dropped here and there, as well as the significant revelations. None of it should be ignored, as it’s all building up to something. The question is, what?

A world of red is waiting to invade.

The Art

The artwork behind Red Mother #7 is every bit as haunting as the story it supports. Though in an exceedingly more deceptive manner. Danny Luckert has been the lead artist for this project, working alongside Ed Dukeshire for lettering.

There are panels where the world looks almost normal, only to flip towards the red spectrum. It’s a twist that fans of the Purple Man will easily recognize – and that makes it no less terrifying. In fact, the opposite could easily be argued for.

The artwork on these pages subverts all expectations, turning bright colors into moments of pure horror. The twist leaves a strong sense of anxiety, proving how effectively it manipulates the reader’s emotions.

All of this is coupled with a sense of light, which the series isn’t afraid to play with. Dark shadows are bouncing all over the backdrop, while light dances over the hands of leading characters. Is this just a moment of playfulness, or a hint towards something much darker?

Likewise, the lettering for this issue is so carefully crafted. There’s a real sense of impact, subtle cues that spring from the placement of the words. It’s subtle, yet it also carries the readers along in this twisted tale.

A timely conversation about street art.


Red Mother #7 is a complex issue, providing ample opportunities for concern while building up for something so much bigger. Like the calm before the storm, things are about to get a whole lot more complicated in Daisy’s life. That is a message telegraphed very clearly in this issue.

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