Lumberjanes #72 is an entertaining read, one that reveals the history of the camp, all while being perfectly supported by iconic and memorable artwork.

The Past and the Present Collide in LUMBERJANES #72

LUMBERJANES #72, out this Wednesday from Boom! Box continues the story set between two different timelines. Lumberjanes past and present continue to move forward and charm their readers, all while showing us what makes them so remarkable.

The past and the present collide on this cover of Lumberjanes #72.


The latest plot arc in Lumberjanes has finally been telling fans the origin of the camp itself. Something many of us probably never thought to wonder about – but still something we’re going to eagerly devour.

Lumberjanes #72 brings us our beloved Roanoke cabin, alongside several other fan favorites, characters who could always use a little extra attention. Combine that with the elements and characters of the past, and you’ve got yourself a thrilling and fascinating story worth reading.

It helps that this issue finally reveals the full story. The story of how the Lumberjanes came to be. And how our campers are connected to that very first girl – the one who created this path for the rest of them to follow.

The first Lumberjane can be found alongside Rosie and Abigail on this variant cover of Lumberjanes #72.

The Writing

As with the rest of this plot arc, Lumberjanes #72 is set in two distinct points of time. The past (read: the origin of the camp), and the present. It’s a careful balance, but it’s one that has allowed us to see how it all comes together. How the past is what allowed the present campers to be who and what they are – and to embrace that fact.

Written by Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh, this issue is beautifully done. Our characters, both old and new, have such a charming quality to them, all while learning about the woods and their history. It’s almost hard to believe that this all started as a punishment (well, lesson) for a small action earlier on.

The added tension between Abigail and Rosie helped to enhance this story, reminding us that there’s more history than readily apparent. It’s also refreshing to see these characters progressing with their own personal issues and plots.

An absolute highlight of this issue would have to be all of the hidden elements and implications strewn about. There’s a lot of showing (but not telling) woven into these pages. It’s an example of careful writing, and admittedly is something that couldn’t be pulled off without the right artistic team.

More tree puns and references on this title sheet for Lumberjanes #72.

The Art

Lumberjanes #72 is a vibrant example of how charming and alive the series can feel. The colors and characters are in complements with one another, giving off this endearing tone that we’ve come to know and except.

Kanesha C. Bryant and Julia Madrigal were the lead artists for this issue, working together to provide us multiple perspectives and timelines. The sense of danger and movement portrayed in this issue is unparalleled, especially in regards to the latest threat the Lumberjanes face.

The colors were provided by Maarta Laiho, who did a delightful job of it. This issue made strong use of dark tones over brighter backdrops, and it made for several stunning scenes. However, the backgrounds are actually quite stunning on their own, being deceptively simple.

Finally, Aubrey Aiese was the letterer for this issue, and their work was the icing on the cake, so to speak. You can really feel when the characters are shouting; you can see their emotion through the emphasis in the lettering, and so many other fine details that support the plot.

And so the truth of what is to happen to the camp is revealed.

In Conclusion

Lumberjanes #72 was a highly entertaining read. One that revealed the true depth and history of this camp and its inhabitants. It was a charming tale, one that snuck in little details. Those elements and details may very well provide foreshadowing for future plots – that is certainly the hope, at any rate!

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Lumberjanes #72 is an entertaining read, one that reveals the history of the camp, all while being perfectly supported by iconic and memorable artwork. The Past and the Present Collide in LUMBERJANES #72