Quantum & Woody #4 is the conclusion fans deserve, one that is full of chaos and vibrant images worth diving into.

The End of An Era In QUANTUM & WOODY #4

QUANTUM & WOODY #4, available for purchase on July 8th from Valiant Entertainment, concludes another hilarious and entertaining run from this dynamic duo. It is time for the truth to come out – and for enemies to be defeated.

Something is up with Quantum on this cover of Quantum & Woody #4.


Quantum & Woody got their latest chance courtesy of Christopher Hastings and Ryan Browne, who have been at the helm of this new series. If you’re looking for an infusion of humor and chaos in your life – this is the series for you.

The series follows Quantum and Woody, two unlikely brothers who couldn’t be more different. Well, with the exception of their current condition. Which also the reason why they have to stay in each other’s lives, no matter how much they drive each other insane.

The series is energetic, full of banter, quips, and sibling rivalry. Okay, there’s also a decent amount of chaos, and some show of powers as well. Given who we’re talking about though, that much should have been obvious.

Recently, Woody has taken up a new trick, or more accurately, he’s been faking one. That has resulted in no end of pain and chaos, especially for his brother, Quantum. You see, when one fakes having powers, it tends to affect those around you. Who would have thought?

These two brothers are off on an adventure (of sorts) in Quantum & Woody #4.

The Writing

As the final issue of the series, Quantum & Woody #4 has a lot to wrap up and very little time to do so. After all, Woody’s tricks have yet to be outted, not to mention there are several resolutions needed. Courtesy of said tricks, naturally.

There’s honestly a lot of satisfaction to be found in this issue, despite the sadness that comes with a hilarious series coming to an end. The creators did an excellent job wrapping up all the major plot points – something that even more impressive than usual, given that they lost an issue. But it’s more than that as well.

There were subplots directly addressed this time around, such as what Woody has been up to, and what Quantum has been trying to do. It all went somewhere here, making it all worth the read. The added chaos that naturally ensued was simply one more reason to be entertained in the process.

Seeing the conclusion of this miniseries, it’s hard not to want more. The dynamic between these two brothers has always been entertaining, but it felt like they were on the precipice of something new. Hopefully, in time, fans will be given a chance to see what could have been.

Infinite punches to the face?

The Art

The artwork behind Quantum & Woody #4 is as vibrant and chaotic as the characters themselves. There’s something eye-catching in every single panel, making sure that your eyes are always busy when looking at these pages.

It’s actually quite appropriate, given who the series is focused on. It’s not like either Quantum or Woody are very good at sitting still for long. Or keeping themselves out of trouble. The added dose of quirkiness truly fits the theme of the day.

The vibrant colors, the art style, and every little detail that went into this issue resulted in a lot of moving parts. Yet that is exactly what this series needed. Though some scenes took that to an all-new extreme (such as the battle itself). All of it made for a highly entertaining experience.



Quantum & Woody #4 was a fun, intense, and crazy issue. These two brothers went through a lot in less than thirty pages, and it’s enough to leave fans eager for more. There’s no telling what adventures (or messes) these two could potentially get into next time. Here’s hoping it’ll be just as amusing as this latest round.



Quantum & Woody was originally intended to be a five-issue miniseries, but unfortunately, it has been cut an issue short. That has more to do with the events going on, and the unsurprising drop of sales that would come with that. It sincerely doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the series, which is still worth checking out. Perhaps now more than ever.

Cat Wyatt
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The End of An Era In QUANTUM & WOODY #4Quantum & Woody #4 is the conclusion fans deserve, one that is full of chaos and vibrant images worth diving into.