Quantum & Woody #3 is a visually stunning piece of work, completed by the entertaining dialogue and dramatic revelations.

QUANTUM & WOODY #3: A Tale of Deception and Ghosts

QUANTUM & WOODY #3, out this week from Valiant Comics continues the epic and insane quest of two brothers. One is a hero born and bred, the other has an uncanny knack for knowing how to work the system. Yet they’re both heroes, or so they believe.

Quantum & Woody jammed into a high school locker? Sounds about right.


Fans of Quantum & Woody will have found this series to be hilarious, entertaining, and fueled by utter chaos. If we’re being honest, that is half the draw right there. The series follows the dynamic (and chaotic) duo which the series is named after.

It’s an energetic series, to say the least. That’s thanks mostly due to the determined efforts of one brother to become a hero. All while the other brother is scheming away. Okay, the inclusion of several comical villains hasn’t hurt matters either.

This latest reboot was originally intended to be a five-issue miniseries. But thanks to current events, it looks like the series is actually only to run for four issues. That’s a major disappointment to many a fan (ourselves included). But at this point, we’ll take what we can get and be happy about it. At least we’ll have one more issue to look forward to.

In the latest round of chaos, Quantum and Woody have been called upon to visit their old high school of places. Though perhaps saying they were called upon is a bit of an overstatement. On the bright side, we do know that this issue is going to be as amusing as we could have ever hoped for.

First, they were jammed into a locker, now they’re all mashed against this cover. What’s next?

The Writing

Quantum & Woody #3 was every bit the insanely entertaining roller coaster we had been hoping for. Better yet, it was full of many different elements, all of which combined to make for a compelling read.

Written by Christopher Hastings, this issue was full of dramatic reveals, brotherly tension, jealously, and foreshadowing. It had so much for the fans to love, and that’s before taking into account the whole high school shenanigans trope (and ensuing chaos).

The idea of these two heading back to their school is amusing on its own, throw in a cranky old principle (who appears to be ageless), a plot of missing children, and some ghosts…and well…you’ve got a mess that these two won’t hesitate to dive headfirst into.

Part of what made this issue such a great read is the fact that we’re finally seeing behind the curtains. Long (well, three issues) have we suspected that there’s more going on in regards to

Woody’s visions. But not we’re finally allowed to see behind the curtains, and it is not a disappointing sight (unless you completely misjudged Woody, that is).

This revelation brings with it a plethora of emotions. Curiosity, concern, and all of the obvious points. And perhaps just a touch of pain, since we now know that there’s only one issue left to resolve everything.

It’s time for a noogie on Quantum & Woody #3 alternate cover.

The Art

The artwork in Quantum & Woody #3 is as vibrant and alive as the plot itself. Bordering on the psychedelic at times, this is an issue unafraid to have a bit of fun with what has been made available. Given that this is Quantum & Woody we’re talking about, that’s a whole lot, so that is saying something.

Ryan Browne (art), Ruth Redmond (colors), and Hassass Otsmane-Elhaou (letters) worked together to create something as entertaining as it is insane. There are scenes of fire, power, ghosts, teenage drama, and so much more.

Yet it all first in perfectly with the plot itself. Quantum and Woody’s different methods of investigation wouldn’t have had nearly the same impact, if not for the artwork that brought it to life. Likewise, the ghosts feel all the more horrifying thanks to the particular style chosen.

On the bright side, they really seem to be having fun on this alternate cover of Quantum & Woody #3.

In Conclusion

Quantum & Woody #3 was everything that fans could have hoped for, and then some. It was comical, concerning, and full of future plot points. Best of all, it gave us another chance to love this chaotic duo, and appreciate the different ways in which they look at the world.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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QUANTUM & WOODY #3: A Tale of Deception and GhostsQuantum & Woody #3 is a visually stunning piece of work, completed by the entertaining dialogue and dramatic revelations.