Quantum & Woody #2 is a highly entertaining read, one with several subplots and brilliantly colorful artwork.

A Humorous Take on Heroes and Villains in QUANTUM & WOODY #2

QUANTUM & WOODY #2, out this Wednesday from Valiant Comics is a chaos fueled and highly entertaining read, as Quantum and Woody face off against the infamous Doctor Toilet (pronounced ‘Twah-Ley’).

Quantum & Woody #2 is showcasing the differing personalities of these two characters, is it not?


Quantum & Woody, the dynamic and highly chaotic duo, are back for a miniseries, and they’re about to make the most of it. As if these two didn’t have enough energy to keep a series going, two more characters are about to join the fray.

Enter Doctor Toilet (though if you pronounce it as anything other than ‘Twah-Lay’ you’ll risk being scolded), and The Apprehension. These two couldn’t be bigger polar opposites if they tried. But they’re sure to keep our heroes (er, want to be heroes?) busy.

An ally is about to make her appearance in Quantum & Woody #2.

The Writing

With Christopher Hastings at the helm of this project, you just know that he’s having a blast. The writing in Quantum & Woody #2 pretty much gives it away. This is a fast-paced read, with something hectic always occurring on the pages.

It fits the duo well, actually. Quantum & Woody are not the type that can sit still. Unfortunately, they tend to go about problem solving in different ways…thus their hero missions tend to get a bit disorganized. On the bright side, that makes it all the more entertaining for us readers.

Quantum & Woody #2 is an issue full of wit and frenzied action. The banter, the pacing, and the introduction of new characters are all enough to keep the plot up in the air. Meanwhile, there’s something oddly compelling about The Apprehension and her character design.

For a brief moment the humor contained within this issue surpassed the foreshadowing. But it all came back down to reality quickly enough, leaving readers with one more reason to be concerned about ulterior motives and potential betrayals.

Quantum & Woody…looking more comical than dramatic. Yeah, that holds for these two brothers.

The Artwork

Quantum & Woody #2 had a bit of a hectic plot to keep up with – one that made plenty of demands on the artists. The panels in this issue are full to the brim of action, characters rushing to and fro, and lots of other entertaining other shocking elements.

Ryan Browne was the lead artist for this issue, and he really ran with some of the concepts provided. Doctor Toilet’s antics, in particular, lent really well to some…creative and hilarious scenes. But even without his inclusion, this issue would have been a lot of fun.

Ruth Redmond was the colorist, and his work really made the artwork pop. That introductory scene is a real eye-catcher! The bright colors really sold several of the scenes, while also leaving room for The Apprehension to look dramatic (and competent).

Finally, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou was the letterer, and once again we’re left with the impression that they had a lot of fun with this issue. There were plenty of sound effects to go around, as well as carefully placed exclamations that made a scene all the more amusing.

In Conclusion

Quantum & Woody #2 was a highly entertaining read, one that will keep readers enthralled from beginning to end. The frenzied action nicely complements the sometimes desperate feeling we get from our heroes, as they try to become something greater.

The conclusion and foreshadowing of this issue is going to be more than enough to keep fans eagerly looking forward to Quantum & Woody #3.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Quantum & Woody #2 is a highly entertaining read, one with several subplots and brilliantly colorful artwork.A Humorous Take on Heroes and Villains in QUANTUM & WOODY #2