Quantum & Woody #1 is as entertaining as it is chaotic, and is full of vibrant artwork and comical little moments.

A Chaotic Tale Begins Again in QUANTUM & WOODY #1

QUANTUM & WOODY #1, out this Wednesday from Valiant Entertainment, is full of all the fun and chaos one would expect. With characters like these under the control of Christopher Hastings and Ryan Browne, fans just know that things are going to get crazy.

That is a very full cover for Quantum & Woody #1!


Quantum & Woody were originally created by Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright. From the moment of their first creation, these two characters have been up for a whirlwind of an adventure. Going from misfits to heroes to deeply misunderstood and all over the place. Now they’re back once again, and they’re hoping to get a better reputation this time around.

Taking up the reigns for this new (and chaotic) series you’ll find Christopher Hastings (writer), Ryan Brown (artist), Ruth Redmond (colorist), and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letterer). That team alone should probably give you a good idea for what is in store.

Don’t worry, he’s got his own secret disguise!

The Plot

Quantum & Woody #1 wasted no time diving right into the plot. It is perhaps the most entertaining and compelling introduction one can have to a series. It’s the sort of introduction that will likely make old fans smile while comforting the new fans with a quick run-down.

In short, this series has already proven to be friendly for fans old and new. That’s more than we were hoping for, and we’ll gladly take that fact. It’s good to know that Christopher Hastings put in the effort to make this series so approachable.

Speaking of Hastings, his sense of timing and humor shines through so strongly in this first issue. Quantum and Woody are very quickly off to the races, but they still find time for some sass and banter before it all begins. And boy, are there a lot of quotable jokes already forming here.

The plot itself is an interesting one, albeit one that is slightly out of this world (literally, during one point). What made this plot so particularly compelling is the uncertainty of it all. Is everything what it appears? Or is there really something darker and more sinister happening? Hopefully, we’ll find out in the next issue!

Quantum & Woody #1: where you can’t identify them as long as they’re not together.

The Art

The artwork in Quantum & Woody #1 is heavily stylized, but it’s honestly a perfect fit for this duo and all of the insanity they bring with them. Oh, and don’t forget their goat. He’s important too. So let’s go with trio, yes?

You can tell that the artists had so much fun with this issue. Ryan Brown’s lines provide the foundation, with little humorous moments woven into even the most serious of scenes. That being said, there are some great design elements that he has incorporated into this series. It’s perfect.

Ruth Redmond’s colors make the scene. They’re vibrant, especially when portraying powers or the strange and otherworldly. Even when the backgrounds are otherwise plain, the use of color makes them shockingly compelling and worth looking at.

Finally, let’s talk about the lettering by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. There was a decent amount of dialogue in this issue, and just as many sound effects (where were on point). Yet they all felt balanced. More than that, they fit the space in ways you don’t get to see every day. It made for a delight to read.

Enter the antagonists and their super flashy powers!

In Conclusion

Quantum & Woody #1 was the first in what will surely be a fun and chaotic adventure. So far, the only downside we’re seeing about this series is that it’s going to be a short run. But there’s little doubt in our minds that it will be exciting while it lasts.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Quantum & Woody #1 is as entertaining as it is chaotic, and is full of vibrant artwork and comical little moments.A Chaotic Tale Begins Again in QUANTUM & WOODY #1