Star #2 is a fascinating read, one that makes a villain something more, while providing brilliant artwork to support the story.

The Cost of Power in STAR #2

STAR #2, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics continues the story of reporter turned villain. Ripley, aka Star, is making the most of her miniseries, though perhaps not in the way she had expected.

Star #2 brings a Marvel hero into the mix for a dynamic new team up.


Power consumes. It attracts unwanted attention. Even those who earn it will find themselves struggling to keep it.

That is the path that Star, aka Ripley Ryan, is facing. She was once a reporter, back in the day. But after a series of events caused her to feel weak and powerless, she decided to do whatever it took to never feel that way again.

Now she’s a villain, one who happens to be bonded with the Reality Stone. The real question is; will she learn to control it? Or will she run out of time, as heroes and villains alike seek to take the power she has found.

Now THAT is a team up worth talking about! Courtesy of Star #2.

The Writing

Star #2 takes the Captain Marvel alumni to unexpected places, pushing her character to new limits in an ironic twist of fate. To make matters more complicated for this villainess, she’s surrounded by allies and enemies alike – and she doesn’t even know the depth of it. Not yet.

Kelly Thompson is at the helm of this project, which is appropriate since she’s the creator of this unique character. We may be only two issues into this miniseries, but there have already been so many surprises thrown our way. It’s making for a thrilling read.

The inclusion of Scarlet Witch in this plot has actually gone a long way in adding both tension and grounding. After all, it makes complete sense that she would take umbrage with the Reality Stone being misused.

Let’s be clear on one thing. Ripley is not a hero. This arc is not a redemption tale. That being said, there is something oddly compelling about her story. In fact, the more we learn about her and her past, the easier it is to see her side of things. Seeing and agreeing with are two very different things, after all.

The final twist/revelation at the end of the issue is another element of this plot that is proving to make total sense. It’s also going to up the ante in the next issue, of that there is no doubt. After all, this group is not known for pulling punches.

It looks like she’s getting the hang of summoning weapons in Star #2.

The Artwork

There’s a lot to love about the artwork from Star #2. For one thing, there’s a lot of action and dramatic poses. That’s always a plus in any series, especially when you have two characters with interesting designs (Scarlet Witch and Star).

Javier Pina and Filipe Andrade were the lead artists for this issue. Their portrayal of Star’s power and Scarlet Witch’s magic was, simply put, phenomenal. It was dramatic and dangerous, yet also showing both the commonalities and differences between the two.

Jesus Aburtov took charge of the colors, and it was exactly what this issue needed. His use of vibrant colors posed against darker backdrops and dangerous creatures really made the scenes pop. Another highlight of this issue was the choice to mute the colors for the flashbacks. It was evocative and distinct.

Finally, VC’s Clayton Cowles was the letterer for Star #2, and that was the final touch for the artwork. His work perfectly carried the writing, balancing out the artwork and plot to make one cohesive piece.


In Conclusion

Star #2 was a thrilling read, one that put two unlikely characters together. Yet the more we see of these two, the more interesting their interactions become. It’s impossible not to look forward to seeing what will happen next, for it’s looking like it’ll be cataclysmic.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Star #2 is a fascinating read, one that makes a villain something more, while providing brilliant artwork to support the story. The Cost of Power in STAR #2