Star #1 is a strong start to this antagonist's miniseries, with Star picking a few surprising fights.

The Return of a New Enemy in STAR #1

A new Marvel villainess rises to the top in STAR #1, out this Wednesday from Marvel. Originally introduced in Captain Marvel’s series, Star is getting her own miniseries – which means a lot of bedlam and machinations are about to ensue.

Look who’s back! It’s Star, as first introduced in Captain Marvel.


Fans of Captain Marvel will surely recognize the name Star. She was a character (villain, really) introduced in her latest series – and she pushed Captain Marvel’s limits and boundaries in ways that we’ve never seen before.

For her part, Star wasn’t always a villain. Her name is Ripley Ryan, and she used to be a reporter – one who genuinely enjoyed her job. Then one day she was sent to interview Captain Marvel for Ms. Magazine. And that’s the day that everything changed for her.

Long story short, her entire worldview was blown apart thanks to one macho jerk of a villain. And the rest, as they say, is history. Well, perhaps not so much. This miniseries is enough to prove that Star’s story is far from over.

Star #1 brings us back to the villainess that caught our attention with her unique design and brutal plans. Now she’s beaten, but far from broken. Her first issue in this series is full of cameos, and thus not something you’re going to want to miss out on.

Star #1 shows us what would admittedly be a very unpleasant memory…

The Plot

Let’s just say it now: Kelly Thompson has done it again. Star was an interesting character right from her first introduction, but this plot has taken her to all-new levels. Star #1 is a finely balanced issue. It’s impossible to forget all of the horrible things Star did – and all the things that she is still willing to do. And yet there’s something so…human about her struggles here. Well, mostly human at any rate.

You see, Star is in a unique situation. She’s beaten, yes, there’s no doubt about that. But she’s not broken. And she’s free. That’s giving her the time to learn how to work and control a pesky but powerful stone in her body.

That in itself would be enough to make this issue a remarkable one, but the truth is that the story has just begun. There are several cameos to accompany Star’s plotting and scheming – and they’re the sort of interactions fans live for.

We’re not going to spoil it all by talking about who walks into these pages. But we will say that it was a blast to read – and had several extremely satisfying moments. One of which may or may not include a beating and a few Spider-Man worthy quips.

Star may be a villain, but we can sympathize with some of her issues here.

The Art

Star #1 features some truly outstanding artwork. That second page is a total eye-catcher. Not only is it vibrant and compelling to look at – but it’s a poignant reminder of what Star has already gone through (even if it was something of her own creation).

Javier Pina and Filipe Andrade were the lead artists for this issue, and they clearly enjoyed the challenge of drawing for a villain. Ripley’s expressions are plain to read, even as she masks up and makes some tough decisions for herself.

Meanwhile, Jesus Aburtov’s colors are what make this issue what it is. His understanding of rich tones and color combinations is impressive and given Star’s color palette (mainly red and white) that creates a lot of striking scenes.

Then there’s VC’s Clayton Cowles, who provided the lettering for this issue. There was a lot of information that had to be introduced and done quickly. Take a look at that first page, where the credits are included. That’ll give you a solid idea of what we’re working with here.

The fact that a villain bar exists shouldn’t be as surprising as it is.

In Conclusion

Star #1 was an intense and memorable introduction to this miniseries. Ripley’s quest is an interesting one, but it is brought to new heights thanks to the characters revolving around her. Or targeting her – whichever you prefer.

Cat Wyatt
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Star #1 is a strong start to this antagonist's miniseries, with Star picking a few surprising fights. The Return of a New Enemy in STAR #1