Runaways #29 continues building the tension surrounding this Doc Justice, all while showing off what our team has to offer.

The Cost of Being A Superhero in RUNAWAYS #29

RUNAWAYS #29, out this Wednesday from Marvel comics continues the ‘Canon Fodder’ plot, bringing it to all-new heights. Fans of Doc Justice better think twice, as he’s quickly showing us the negative side of being a hero.

Gib looks slightly confused about the idea of Molly lifting him so easily…


A quick refresher before we dive on in; our struggling crew of adolescent heroes have found themselves taken in by a new hero. This ‘hero’ is known as Doc Justice, and you’re totally justified in questioning his motives. And his methods.

If the last few issues have shown us anything, it’s that Doc Justice has an ulterior motive for wanting to help out the Runaways. You’d think that a group that has been so consistently burned by adults would be more cautious in trusting one as smarmy as this guy. But we all make mistakes, right?

It’s becoming harder and harder to like this Doc Justice.

The Plot

Runaways #29 is a dramatic issue, full of revelations and building concern. Rainbow Rowell’s sense of foreshadowing is unparalleled, as we all sit and wait for the inevitable implosion surrounding this Doc Justice.

Perhaps that’s a bit unfair of us; but seriously, that dude is completely two-faced, and it will be satisfying to see him taken down. Especially if Molly is the one to do it – a good solid punch to his gut sounds nice, don’t you think?

This is an issue that has more conversation than action, but there’s still so much that happens here. There’s something major brewing, and it all has to do with this new ally of theirs. Seeing the Runaways split on opinions is slightly painful, but it also kind of fits with their M.O. – and they have been separated for quite some time.

There’s some unexpected conflict coming from other corners in this plot arc, and let’s not forget that whole Gib subplot. Though admittedly most of the Runaways seem to keep forgetting that part themselves. That probably isn’t going to end too well, is it?

One thing is certain – Rowell has done almost too good of a job making Doc Justice easy to hate. While we can understand why the crew is being conned by him, it’s still hard to watch. And yet we will read on (and look forward to seeing him get what he deserves).

The Runways..erm…J Team? are kicking butt!

The Art

Runaways #29 is an issue full of creative and interesting artwork. On the one hand, we have a huge variety of characters being shown, and in a most unique way. It isn’t every issue you get to see paper clippings, but it worked well as a storytelling method here.

Then there are the expressions on each and every character. Doc Justice looks perfect and slimy, Gert exasperated and concerned, and everyone else somewhere in the middle. Their emotions are right on their sleeves, and that works nicely for this team.

Andres Genolet (pencils/inks), Dee Cunniffe (colors), and VC’s Joe Caramagna (letterer) worked really well here, and with any luck, they’ll continue working on this project for quite some time. Or at least until this plot arc is resolved!

Meanwhile Gert is growing more concerned about the situation.

In Conclusion

Runaways #29 is a perfect build-up issue. Thanks to this issue, tensions are high, and we’re very eager to see how it all plays out. Knowing the Runaways, it’s going to end in some hurt feelings and a whole lot of danger.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Runaways #29 continues building the tension surrounding this Doc Justice, all while showing off what our team has to offer. The Cost of Being A Superhero in RUNAWAYS #29