Runaways #28 is an issue full of drama and intrigue, with the hero of the series being so much less than that.

Trials of the J Team in RUNAWAYS #28

RUNAWAYS #28, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, brings us the Runaways like we’ve never seen them before. The crew have settled in well to this new team, all but one. Yet we can’t help but feel like something is about to go horribly wrong.

The cover for Runaways #28 is truly brilliant, with Nico looking as fierce as ever.


The Runaways have found themselves in a mansion, welcomed with open arms by a hero known as Doc Justice. He asks nothing of them…though they have been encouraged to join his superhero team.

Seeing the Runaways being run by a whole new leader – one who happens to be an adult – is one of the strangest experiences yet. Given the common themes of the series up until this point, fans can only expect the worst for what will happen next.

Early morning training session!

The Plot

Runaways #28 is an issue that drastically moves forward the Doc Justice plot – but in a way where only the fans can really see what is happening. Well, the fans and Gert. But then again, she’s been suspicious this whole time. Good girl!

Rainbow Rowell has woven us a tale here, in which the hero is nothing like he seems. It’s once again falling back on the themes that the Runaways can’t always trust the adults around them, and when you think about it, that’s when the series really shines. No wonder this plot has been getting our attention so much.

It’s probably safe to assume that after this issue, any people who were still hoping for the best from Doc Justice will have given up. He’s that perfect sort of slimy, where he’s all cute and nice to your face – but in truth is thinking the worst of you. And really, that’s the one type of antagonist the Runaways are never prepared to face.

This whole plot has been decidedly insidious for that reason. It shows how brilliant Rowell is at writing subtle and slow building plots. Considering we have no idea how this plot arc is going to end up going, that couldn’t be more true. Though there’s little doubt that this plot will end explosively – one way or the other.

Along with the buildup of Doc Justice’s plot are several subplots. And it’s the Gert subplot that is perhaps the most heartbreaking one of the series so far. The dramatic event in this issue was completely unexpected – and the last thing Gert needed to have to deal with at this point. But it is proof that the Runaways are far from healed.

That’s actually not a bad play, all things considered.

The Art

Runaways #28 was an issue with several dynamic scenes. There are several highlights of this issue, between the expressions and events that occurred. The plot itself wouldn’t have held nearly so much weight, if not supported by such artwork.

Andres Genolet was the lead art for Runways #28, with Dee Cunniffe providing the colors, and VC’s Joe Caramagna doing the lettering. Together they showed us a version of the Runaways that are being split apart. Not by a villain, but by a slimy hero of all things.

The costume redesigns are still stunning, though the edge they’ve taken is even more alarming than ever. Though perhaps that’s because of the images that are clearly being featured in newspapers and magazines – it feels a whole lot like exploitation.

Nico has been feeling for a long time like she couldn’t (wouldn’t) rely on her magic.

In Conclusion

Runaways #28 was a surprising issue on more than one count, all while finally showing us the true colors of a hero we were never inclined to trust. You’d think that’d be more satisfying than it was, but Gert’s hurt colored the whole issue with somber tones.

Despite (or in spite) of all of this, we’re very much looking forward to seeing how the whole Doc Justice plot ends up playing out, in the long run.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Runaways #28 is an issue full of drama and intrigue, with the hero of the series being so much less than that. Trials of the J Team in RUNAWAYS #28