The Last Witch #3 is a thrilling addition to this issue, one that portrays yet another deadly battle, as well as the fierce determination that can live within us all. The artwork carries this story so much farther, creating iconic and human scenes all at once.

The Battle Rages On In THE LAST WITCH #3

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THE LAST WITCH #3, available Wednesday from BOOM! Box continues the tale of one budding witch – and the many battles that lay in her path. Right before our eyes, Saoirse is turning into something new.

The next battle is nearly here.

It’s hard to believe how quickly everything has changed for little Saoirse. Just two issues ago she was a young girl – one who found herself in the middle of a horror story. Now, we’re in the process of watching her turn into something so much more.

The Last Witch #3 brings us back to Saoirse, her brother, and her grandmother. Her world may have narrowed in some ways, but it looks like there is much for her to gain. Assuming she can survive the battles ahead.

After all, she is now on a path where she must battle the surviving witches. Her great-aunts, as the case may be. Given how Black Annis treated her upon arrival, it’s safe to assume that the rest of her family won’t react kindly to her appearance.

A memory, and a showing of what is to come.

The Writing

While there are many things that have changed, there are likewise many elements that feel the same in The Last Witch #3. You can still see much of the subtlety in Conor McCreery’s writing, even if the scale is steadily increasing.

Saoirse’s bond with her family is still very much a necessary and grounding element of this story. Without it, there’s this impression that she could have ended up just like all the other witches that are so dreadfully whispered about.

It’s difficult to infuse something so carefully such as that, without it becoming overpowering. But that balance has been struck here. It is a nice counter to the brutal battle that Saoirse willingly walks into.

On that note, the battle itself is really quite clever, showcasing all of the reasons why it had to be fought – as well as all of the reasons why it had to be Saoirse. Every move and decision seems to reinforce that she’s the woman that can – and will – set things right.

What makes this whole situation all the more intriguing is, despite that feeling, there really is no guarantee for how this will fall out. Already we’ve been reminded of the corrupting nature of magic itself, and thus the risks that Saoirse takes on a daily basis.

A plan has been made, but what next?

The Art

The artwork inside The Last Witch #3 is truly a sight to behold. It’s not just the major moments that stand out (though there certainly is that), but the smaller moments as well. The moments where Saoirse has never felt so human. It ties in strongly with the theme of the series.

V.V. Glass is one of the best visual storytellers I’ve seen in recent times. There are many small details that bring the story to life, from the way Saoirse interacts with her family (they really do look and feel related – and their care for one another shows), to the grim determination on her face during battle.

Natalia Nesterenko’s colors further bring that world to light. While the colors have been stunning up to this point, there is always something so iconic about the juxtaposition between water and fire. Thus, this issue, with a battle between a fire and water witch, was always meant to be spectacular.

Jim Campbell really nailed the humanizing elements of this series. You can practically feel Saoirse’s hesitation – her fear about leaving her little brother behind. Yet the lettering also grasps the grander scale, portraying the strength of the wind and water that is at play.

To be fair, she does have an excellent point.


The Last Witch #3 has somehow found a way to continue to up the ante – and our expectations. This series may feel larger than life at times, but in many ways, it is still very much the story of a young village girl trying to do right by her family.

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