The Last Witch #2 takes a dark, but not unexpected turn, as Saoirse learns of the witches that hide in the shadows, and of the weight she carries within her. It's a harrowing yet fascinating read, one that promises to take the story to new heights in future issues.
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A Dark Twist Awaits in THE LAST WITCH #2

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THE LAST WITCH #2, available now from BOOM! Studios, continues the tale of little Saoirse and the dangerous adventure she and her brother have found themselves embroiled in. This is a tale of legends, witches, and an everlasting hunger.

It’s time to learn the truth in The Last Witch #2.

The first issue of The Last Witch quickly introduced fans to Saoirse and her family, as well as the danger they all faced. It also hinted at several other major revelations for down the road. All in all, it made for a strong and compelling start.

So it is safe to say that The Last Witch #2 was an anticipated issue, at least for this reviewer. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m invested in what happens next, especially after the way the last issue left off!

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This series promises to blend fairy tale tropes of witches and a coming of age story into something new and interesting. There are plenty of familiar notes to be found along the way, but I have no doubt that there will be twice as many surprises.

We all know that this isn’t going to end well.

The Writing

The Last Witch #2 is yet another issue that immediately pulls the reader into the story. The stakes at hand make it all but impossible to look away from it, as Saorise follows a path that many of us would turn from.

Written by Conor McCreery, this issue truly feels like it belongs in another world. A world where magic exists, and it is not the friendly sort of magic one happily dreams about. The first half of the issue builds on that creeping sense of dread the series left off on.

Though it isn’t afraid to throw in some true horror as well, albeit in surprisingly delicate ways. From there the story seems to take up a life of its own, delivering on some of the hints and promises made.

One of the highlights from The Last Witch is the way in which relationships are captured. Saoirse and her grandmother are a solid example. There’s a clear sense of faith and trust there. Though ironically it’s the little moments between Saoirse and her brother that steal the show, grounding the world in a way little else could.

Well, she found her little brother…and the witch.

The Art

The Last Witch #2 at times feels like a cross between a classic fairytale, and something right out of Studio Ghibli. There’s so much personality infused into each and every panel, and the overall aesthetic is stunning.

V.V. Glass’s characters really do demand attention, from Saoirse herself to the witches shown – both in true form and in silhouette. They’re chilling and terrifying at the same time, without crossing that line into being too much. In short, they’re the perfect villains for this world.
The colors, provided by Natalia Nesterenko, are vibrant and deep, adding weight to this tale of little girls and witches. The snow makes for a sharp contrast against it all, with the end result being something both memorably and beautiful.

Jim Campbell deserves some of the credit for how human the characters in this tale appear. Well, how human Saoirse and her brother feel. Their interactions flow so organically, helped along by a little detail or lettering here and there.

Well, that’s an image that will never go away.


The Last Witch #2 held up to the expectations created by the first issue. Actually, it arguably might have surpassed them. This is turning out to be a thrilling tale, one of magic, revenge, and familial responsibilities. I for one cannot wait to see how it unfolds from here.

Cat Wyatt
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