Monkeys Fighting Robots

Though Thanksgiving is a day for celebrating family, friends, and a great meal, it’s also a popular day for a trip to the cinemas.

Pixar’s Coco won the Thanksgiving box office this year, bringing in $8.9 Million. Coming in at a very close second was Justice League, which grossed $8.5 Million.

Coco released on November 22 and has currently brought in $22 Million. A solid number for sure, and it remains to be seen how it performs in its first weekend in theaters. The film is a hit for both fans and critics alike, holding a 96 percent audience and critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Justice League has totalled $130.8 Million domestically. The results are definitely lower than Warner Bros. hoped, but it isn’t a flop yet. If the League has legs at the box office, it can still salvage its overall box office performance.

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