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Review: SUCCESSION Episode Six Was Quite The Bloodbath

Last night's episode of Succession was deftly constructed from the writing, blocking, and even the pacing resulting in an entertaining yet pivotal sixth episode.

Review: SUCCESSION Episode Five Is When The Vipers Prepared To Strike

Sunday's episode of Succession was a carefully crafted menagerie of deception, double-crossing, and duplicitous behavior. 

Review: SUCCESSION Episode Four Had The Vultures Closing In

Succession's fourth episode didn't nearly have the lewd and outrageous behavior seen last week. Writer Anna Jordan shrewdly crafted a narrative which emphasized subtlety and nuances resulting in exposing just enough of individual characters so the audience could see what their intentions were leaving viewers fascinated by what is to come next week

Review: SUCCESSION Episode Three Is Full Of Debauchery And Fun

The third episode of Succession reminded fans and critics worldwide that we can't judge a series just based on the success or failure of a singular collection of moments

Review: SUCCESSION Episode Two Was Not What It Seemed

While the first episode of Succession was extremely effective in setting the series up for success, this weeks episode felt like the polar opposite.