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Review: POWERS OF X #1 – A New Epic Beginning For The X-Men

Jonathon Hickman’s Powers of X #1 gives fans tangible evidence that his run will be one of X-Men’s best. The art team consisting of...

HOUSE OF X #1 – Hickman Almighty

A new era for the X-Men begins in HOUSE OF X #1. Strap yourselves in, Hickman has schematics for a whole new world for the magnificent mutants of Marvel.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 Is Everything We Hoped For

A new age of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is upon us and the galaxy "is broken." The all-star duo of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw (THANOS) takes us back among the stars.


Ed Brisson sends the time displaced X-Men teens back to their own timeline for good. Extermination ends in an explosive and exciting fashion, marking the end of an era for X-Men comics.

Review: X-Force Takes Aim At Young Cable In An Action-Packed EXTERMINATION #3

Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia and Joe Sabino deliver another action-packed chapter in Extermination #3. As all the mutant heroes are attacked in...

FANTASTIC FOUR #2: Kids Grow Up So Fast

Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli dive into what the Future Foundation have been up to all this time. Fantastic Four #2 is the reunion we've been waiting for, but is it in a hurry to get somewhere?

EXTERMINATION #2 Review: Searching For A Purpose

Mimic loses his groceries, an Angel doesn't get his wings, and Ahab gains a new Hound all in this week’s EXTERMINATION #2 as Ed Brisson opens...

Review: Scarlet Spider #3 – The Assassin’s Guild Returns

Scarlet Spider #3 Writer: Chris Yost Art: Ryan Stegman , Babinski & Von Grawbadger , Marte Gracia with Andres Mossa Chris Yost continues to explore Kaine...

Review: Scarlet Spider #2 – Kaine’s struggle with morality continues

Scarlet Spider #2 Writer: Chris Yost Art: Ryan Stegman, Mike Babinski , and Marte Gracia Kaine, the once-deformed-but-now-healed clone of Peter Parker, has been determined to...
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