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Interview: B. Clay Moore Takes Us On A Thrill Ride With KILLERS #1

KILLERS #1 hits your local comic book store on July 31, but thanks to Valiant Entertainment, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive interview with the writer of the series B. Clay Moore. The first issue of KILLERS is all the best parts a of a James Bond film with intense action and a few twists and turns. So, it was fun to dig a little deeper into the writing process with Moore.


Tom Taylor's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #7 begins a new arc. "Feast Or Famine" puts Aunt May in a sticky situation.

Exclusive Marvel Comics Preview – WAR OF REALMS: SPIDER-MAN & LEAGUE OF REALMS #1 (OF 3)

War Of Realms: Spider-Man & League Of Realms #1 (of 3) hits your local comic book store on May 15, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has a five-page preview for you to look over.

‘X-Men: Prime’ #1: This Could Also Be Subtitled X-Men: Rebirth

To say the X-Men have had a tough time in the Marvel Universe lately is an understatement. Now X-Men: Prime #1 starts off the...