A new arc with a new artist begins a potentially good story of Spawn, provided you wait for the big moments in the next issue.

SPAWN #308 – A Spawn War Is Beginning To Brew

Spawn #308 out this week from Image Comics is the beginning of a new arc in the franchise complete with a new artist Ken Lashley joining creator Todd McFarlane.


After issue 300, Al Simmons is dealing with the fallout of his failsafe plans. Most recently, the Hellspawns preceding Al have appeared with Spawn contemplating on what to do next.

Spawn #308 Plot

Spawn #308 features a lot of growing tensions from just the beginning. Along with the clashing newscasts from Spawn’s early days, the Hellhound agents are looking to use to the materializing Spawns to their advantage. And with the return of Spawn ally/enemy Cogliostro who in times past manipulate Spawns to his cause, Al and his allies could be in a lot of trouble. Spawn himself plans on taking a few drastic risks that could make or break this new development. It’s little wonder why McFarlane calls this arc “The Consequence of Sin.” Unfortunately, readers will have to wait for next month’s release as the issue ends as the tensions start to boil.


Spawn #308 advertises itself with the appearance of a new artist, Lashley, of X-Men fame. Working primarily in the penciling department, Lashley works between pin-up style artwork and cinematic style movements. The pin-ups always feel frozen in time with captions and word balloons by Peter Steigerwald playing up the intense moments. Unlike the cinematic motions where enough information can be on display in a split second. The inking between Lashley and McFarlane provides just enough contrasting detail to display enough emotion. That same detail shows who has the most weight to a setting with the Spawns having so much detail they drive the pages forward.

The coloring by Tom Orzechowski certainly highlights the situations that take place in these tense moments. With all of the lights and sparse bright colors to otherwise dark settings, this displays what goes on when the characters discuss the situations. As more information comes to light, the brighter the room gets. But when things are at their brightest, things get dangerous. Such as when the Gunslinger Spawn’s host’s eyes glow green.

Get Ready With Spawn #308

Spawn #308 certainly has an interesting set-up that might require some background knowledge of previous issues. Yet Lashley’s inclusion provides enough information to know that the current situation is going to be tense. Something that is only going to rise with the wait for next month’s issue release.

What do you all think? Does this new arc spark your fancy? Or should you see what comes before in Spawn #301 onwards to get the full picture?

Jake Palermo
Jake Palermo
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A new arc with a new artist begins a potentially good story of Spawn, provided you wait for the big moments in the next issue.SPAWN #308 - A Spawn War Is Beginning To Brew