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Review: LOCKE & KEY: IN PALE BATTALIONS GO #1 Welcomes Us Home

IDW's Locke & Key: ...In Pale Battalions Go... #1 is a wonderful welcome home to Keyhouse. Writer Joe Hill, artist Gabriel Rodriguez, colorist Jay...

Review: PANDEMICA #5 Is Trumped By The Real World.

Lacking in emotional drive and any real spark of imagination, Pandemica feels outdated even before it is finished

Review: PANDEMICA #4 Wants You To Know It’s Not Safe Out There

Reading Pandemica in the midst of a global health crisis adds weight to some of the themes that Maberry is attempting to bring out.

Review: PANDEMICA #2 When World Domination Goes Wrong

Mixing modern political concerns with theoretical end world scenarios, Pandemica is a hard hitting apocalypse story that cuts close to the bone.

Review: Helene Fuels Her Revenge In DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: A DARKENED WISH #3

Fans of the Forgotten Realms comic book adaptation will once again join their favorite lively party of adventurers as they explore the region's secrets....

Review: PANDEMICA #1 Throws Us Towards Armageddon

Pandemica is a refreshing take on an apocalyptic narrative and it’s obsession with the build-up gives it an edge over other comics in the same genre.

Review: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: A DARKENED WISH #1 Explores The Forgotten Realms

IDW is bringing the Forgotten Realms to the world of comics in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: A DARKENED WISH #1. These locales, made famous through...
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