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HIT GIRL SEASON 2: The Beauty Of Color

If you want to set a tone or produce an identity for a location, one of the most immediate and noticeable ways of doing...

Review: HIT GIRL Season 2 #11 Brings Violence To The Streets Of India

The warped realism of the art punctuates the social discourse at the heart of Milligan’s script and highlights the intriguing dissection of Hit-Girl as a character.

Review: HIT GIRL Season 2 #9 Provides Beauty And Horror In Equal Measure

Like a spirit of vengeance crossed with the A-Team, Hit Girl  (from Image Comics) prowls the streets of India looking for someone who needs her services.

Review: HIT-GIRL Season 2 #1- Kevin Smith Takes The Pint Sized Assassin To Hollywood

Hit-Girl Season 2, Issue #1 finds new incoming writer Kevin Smith (you know him!) and animation veteran Pernille Ørum (DC Superhero Girls, Blush, Coral) continuing...

Review: HIT-GIRL #4 Ends Its First Arc With A Surprising Amount Of Heart

Hit-Girl #4  by Mark Millar, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Sunny Gho, and Melina Mikulic brings its first arc to an end with a story that finds some...

Review: HIT-GIRL #3 Is Packed With The Most Action We Have Seen In This Series

Hit-Girl #3 is the most action-packed issue yet in this fabulously frantic and joyously violent Image Comics' series by  Mark Millar, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Sunny Gho,...

Review: HIT-GIRL #2 Is Violent, Fun and Relentless (And Not For The Faint of Heart)

Hit-Girl returns to Image Comics, and Mark Millar, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Sunny Gho, and Melina Mikulic imbue the title with all the over-the-top action, violence...