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Hit-Girl #3 is the most action-packed issue yet in this fabulously frantic and joyously violent Image Comics’ series by  Mark Millar, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Sunny Gho, and Melina Mikulic.

Hit-Girl #3
Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Colors by: Sunny Gho
Lettered & Designed by: Melina Mikulic

Hit-Girl Created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. Hit-Girl

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HIT-GIRL IS BACK, and the body count is rising. Our violent adolescent superhero is slaughtering the city’s bad guys, using a top hitman as her weapon. Yet, amid the blood, the gang fights, and assassinations, there is a grieving mother desperate for vengeance—a mother that will stop at nothing to get justice for her son. 


Hit-Girl #3 is the most action-packed chapter yet in Mindy’s latest adventure. With her true plan revealed, Hit-Girl finds her self finally facing off with Mano, her recent reluctant partner, and a notorious hitman himself. Mano’s betrayal is not a surprise, especially since Mindy was eventually going to kill him. But it happens suddenly enough that it still catches us by surprise. One of writer Millar’s talents is his ability to take stories in shocking new directions with the narrative, and that moment here allows the issue to showcase what is essentially one long action scene. It’s the comic book equivalent of a long, unbroken John Woo scene. It’s fucking fantastic and so much fun.


The art team creates pages that fly. This particular chapter has to move fast, and the energy in the layouts and panels matches the speed of the narrative. Lopez Ortiz and Gho are also able to illustrate violence with an attitude that makes more fun and less disturbing. The slight cartoonish nature of the art is also a key factor.


Hit-Girl is once again a fun, fast and frantic read that has a very specific attitude. If you are a fan, this is fantastic. If not, this series just might turn you into one. Take a shot at Hit-Girl, she shoots back!

Manuel Gomez
Assistant Comic Book Editor. Manny has been obsessed with comics since childhood. He reads some kind of comic every single day. He especially loves self-published books and dollar bin finds. 'Nuff said!
review-hit-girl-issue-3'Hit-Girl' #3 is the most action-packed issue yet in this fabulously frantic and joyously violent Image Comics' series filled with relentless pacing and eye-popping art. 4 Stars!