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Hit-Girl returns to Image Comics, and Mark Millar, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Sunny Gho, and Melina Mikulic imbue the title with all the over-the-top action, violence and attitude that makes the character such a hit.Hit-Girl

Hit-Girl #2
Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Colors by: Sunny Gho
Lettered & Designed by: Melina Mikulic

Hit-Girl Created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. 

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Hit-Girl’s wreaking havoc in Colombia. Armed to the hilt, she kidnaps the country’s most notorious killer-for-hire and sets out to slaughter every gang member and criminal lowlife in Palmira. This is the gloriously violent, frenetic return of the world’s most bloodthirsty 12-year-old assassin. 

But as Mano and Mindy pile up the bodies, the true nature of Hit-Girl’s plan and her accomplice begin to emerge, reminding us that no criminal is safe. Hit-Girl


You expect a certain kind of story when you crack open a Hit-Girl comic (or any Mark Millar book actually): big action, extreme violence and loads of humor. There’s everything from humans to wild animals getting killed. People are head-shot, blown up and one is even cooked inside out. Oh and one-liners abound. It’s all delivered with such charm that the feeling it creates is pure fun to read. This new series is no different, delivering on all those fronts.Hit-Girl

The pacing is also pretty relentless, moving swiftly and smoothly.

The character could easily fall into being one-note but Millar writes in clever little moments with Mindy that do show development and change in her character.

Comic fans, take note of the scene where Mindy goes to her LCS to pick up her Wednesday haul. Great little easter eggs.


This Hit-Girl series has a unique art style that compliments the story well. Ricardo Lopez Ortiz is a much more stylized artist that the character’s co-creator John Romita Jr.. The art falls somewhere between street art and comics (think Jim Mahfood or Skottie Young). It’s such a different visual take that Ortiz makes the character his own.HIt-Girl

There is a very kinetic feel to the layouts, with heavy use of speed lines. The facial expressions are wonderfully exaggerated.

Some great coloring work is being done too. Heavy on the purples and blue, the palette creates a tone that makes the violence a little less disturbing and a little more fun.

The lettering is great too; variety in world balloon shape and great use of sound effects font use.


This new series is an on-going, and if the first two issues are an indication, we are in for a treat. Hit-Girl is a unique concept that works well in the comics medium and easily lends itself to some kind of long-form tale. Take a shot at his book today.HIt-Girl

Manuel Gomez
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hit-girl-issue-two-review'Hit-Girl' returns to Image Comics and Mark Millar, along with Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Sunny Gho, and Melina Mikulic imbue the title with all the over-the-top action, violence and attitude that makes the character such a hit. Take a shot at his book today.