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Cecil Castellucci

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When Good Plans Turn Dark In BATGIRL #46

Batgirl #46 merges past and present together for Barbara Gordon, all while leaving fans in a fit of anxiety.

A Struggle Over Power and Gold in BATGIRL #45

Batgirl #45 begins a horrifying tale of power, and what it costs those who fall by the wayside.

Love and Fear in BATGIRL #44

Batgirl #44 forces emotions and fears to the forefront in a brutal display of honestly, and in doing so has advanced the plot by leaps and bounds.

The Epitome of Escapism in BATGIRL #43

Batgirl #43 dives into the realm of fantasy, providing some fun parallels while distracting Batgirl in some surprising ways.

The Enemy of Your Enemy in BATGIRL #42

Batgirl #42 was the dramatic conclusion to the Oracle Rising plot, making clever use of storytelling and character development to change the narrative.

Review: Fantastic Effects Astonish In THE LITTLE MERMAID #2

The second issue of Disney’s The Little Mermaid from Dark Horse Comics has some very impactful moments thanks to art by Zulema Scotto Lavina....

The Battle of Mantles in BATGIRL #41

Batgirl #41 is a thrilling read, one that will leave fans worried about Batgirl's future and what it'll take to save the day.

Review: THE LITTLE MERMAID Is A Perfect Series For Young Readers

Dark Horse Comics has partnered with Disney to produce a new line of comics featuring their classic titles including The Little Mermaid. Is an...

Oracle Lives In BATGIRL #40

Batgirl #40 brings two of Barbara Gordon's dominant personalities into a clashing battle of wills, one that will leave readers both concerned and breathless.