Batgirl #45 is a dramatic and at times horrifying issue, full of careful writing and vibrant artwork.

A Struggle Over Power and Gold in BATGIRL #45

BATGIRL #45, out this week from DC Comics is about to throw our beloved Batgirl into a whole new dilemma, one involved power struggles as you’ve never seen before. It’s a dramatic beginning and one that pulls another hero into the fray.

Batgirl is looking mighty concerned on this cover of Batgirl #45.


Batgirl has been through quite a lot in recent times. More specifically, she’s facing a new challenge: the concept of letting somebody she thought was an enemy get close to her. It’s not the battle she expected to be fighting right now, but the last plot arc forced her hand.

Now another challenge has come up, one that may very well distract her from all of the decisions and promises she just made. To be fair, this problem seems to be targeting the homeless in the area, and as such should become a priority. The fact that it is affecting every part of her life just makes it appear all the more obvious.

A snowy scene for this alternate cover of Batgirl #45.

The Writing

Cecil Castellucci has once again brought us a compelling plot, one that grounds Batgirl firmly in the city that created her. Batgirl #45 brings yet another villain to the forefront. But unlike many of the others, their actions are much more insidious.

Power and wealth. Those are two common threads that keep cropping up with Gotham’s villains. Again and again, we see those concerns. Yet we’ve never seen them in this unique combination. The newest antagonist – and their actions – are terrifying. Yet unique. It’s already going a long way towards making them stand out among the crowd.

For the readers that is, not for the city itself. The city at large seems to be overwhelmingly unaware of the problem. Which is about par for the course, when you think about it. This plot has done an excellent job of portraying a city rocked by many changes and dangers, all while fighting to move forward.

In doing so, it shows us what happens to those that fall by the wayside. The people that get overlooked. It also highlights the willingness of others to look the other way. There’s something deeply disturbing, and very human, in that.

Finally, this issue concludes with a cameo of another beloved hero. She’s not one we get to see all that often these days, so it’s a welcome sight. Perhaps we can count on the next few issues containing a team-up?

This whole scene is terrifying if you think about it too much.

The Art

Batgirl #45 perfectly captures the horrifying process brought about by this latest villain. And horrifying is the correct word here. Power, metals, and the human body should never combine in such a manner.

There’s no doubt that these scenes would not have carried the same level of impact, if not for the artists involved in the project. Likewise, they brought Barbara’s reactions to life and the fight scenes that inevitably followed as well.

Carmine Di Giandomenico was the lead artist for this issue. As such, they’re largely responsible for the scenes I’ve described above. The ‘statues’ are truly alarming, especially when you catch sight of them being formed. It’s not something that you can easily shake. Presumably, it isn’t something that would be easy to portray either, yet it was done fantastically here.

Jordie Bellaire is the colorist for this issue, and they likewise did a fantastic job. There is a striking juxtaposition later in the issue that is particularly eye-catching. It isn’t every day you get to see two heroes with such distinct and different color palettes working alongside one another.

Finally, Andworld Design was responsible for the lettering, and their work was flawless. As always. The little details are what sells it, making Barbara’s train of thought concise and clear throughout the pages.

Batgirl #45 features what appears to be a most horrifying fate.

In Conclusion

Batgirl #45 is an intense beginning to a new plot. It flows smoothly from the conclusion of the last, though it takes a more horrifying turn in very short order. This issue went a long way in reminding us of the humans that reside within the city, and that sincerely added to the impact of what is happening.

Cat Wyatt
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Batgirl #45 is a dramatic and at times horrifying issue, full of careful writing and vibrant artwork. A Struggle Over Power and Gold in BATGIRL #45