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Review: Alfred’s Requiem in BATMAN: PENNYWORTH RIP

Batman: Pennyworth RIP, out this week from DC Comics, takes on one of the biggest questions of Tom King’s recent run on Batman: is...

Review: THE ORACLE CODE Babs Doesn’t Need A Batman

The Oracle Code out this month, is another addition to DC Comics' YA Graphic Novel collection, this time with an inspirational story about Barbara...

Oracle Lives In BATGIRL #40

Batgirl #40 brings two of Barbara Gordon's dominant personalities into a clashing battle of wills, one that will leave readers both concerned and breathless.

DC Comics Rapid 🔥🔥🔥 Recap For The Week Of August 15, 2018

The Unknown Soldier gets noticed, Atlantis rises, He-Man kicks Bane’s butt, and Cyborg Superman returns all in this week’s DC Comics Rapid Fire Recap...

DETECTIVE COMICS #986 Review: Bryan Hill Captures Batman’s Voice

Batman's hidden plans, Black Lightning strikes, and Karma’s mind manipulation continue to kick Bruce’s butt in DETECTIVE COMICS #986 as Bryan Hill dives deeper into Karma’s abilities and reveals even more secrets that Batman’s keeping. 

DC Comics Rapid 🔥🔥🔥 Recap For The Week Of August 1, 2018

Trials, Social Media Justice, Kid Villains, and so much more all in this week's DC COMICS RAPID FIRE RECAP as Lex Luthor creates Doom in JUSTICE...

DETECTIVE COMICS #985 Review: Hill Brings Back The Dark And Gritty

Bryan Hill continues his fantastic run on Detective Comics by reintroducing a Batman that’s been missing for years. His Caped Crusader is dark, gritty,...

DETECTIVE COMICS #984 Review: Karma Chameleon

DETECTIVE COMICS #984 written by Brian Hill, with pencils by Miguel Mendoca, Diana Egea worked on inks, the fantastic colors are by Adriano Lucas, and letters by Sal Cipriano crashes into your comic shops this week as Black Lightning is introduced to his new students, Bruce Wayne, and a little taste of Karma.

BATGIRL is Getting a Sean Gordon Murphy Makeover

Not only does Batgirl have a new creative team, but Barbara Gordon is also coming back to Gotham City, as well as getting a...