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Medium Clash: THE BOYS Comics And TV Themes

The Boys is creator Garth Ennis' gigantic middle finger to mainstream comics and its reliance on superheroes. With supes all but dominating the big...

Review: JACK RYAN Delivers An Action Packed Explosively Entertaining First Season

Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan delivers white-knuckle levels of excitement and heart-pounding action sequences easily making it the best new TV series to debut this fall.

Amazon Celebrates July 4th By Dropping A Brand New JACK RYAN trailer

In the midst of cookouts and large displays of fireworks, Amazon just released a brand new action-packed trailer for their upcoming show Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. 

Review: EARLY MAN – Asterix Meets Escape To Victory

When it comes to quality animation Pixar, Disney, Laika and Studio Ghibli top the list. Aardman Animations can join those studios and it is often a treat to see one of their films, including their new release Early Man.

‘The Tick’, The Hero We Need

Greetings fellow lovers of justice. Break off a slice of truth pie and embrace the new day. A new day which features the first...

Carrie Fisher’s Final Project Earns her Posthumous Emmy Nomination

Carrie Fisher's final project before her death last winter recently earned her a posthumous Emmy nomination, according to Variety. The Princess and The Amazon Series While...

Review: ‘The Tick’: Destined To Continue?

The Tick has returned. One of the new shows of Amazon’s Pilot Season, this new adaptation of the comical, larger than life blue hero...

New TV and Movie Titles This August On Amazon Prime

Done watching Stranger Things for the third time? Great. There's a hefty list of added titles over at Amazon Prime this month, as well, and (some) of...

Review: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 4

Episode Summary Ikoma is interrupted before he can bite Ayame. The camp is ambushed by Kabane and everyone has to make a break for it...