Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN Set Attacked By Thieves

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Typically, on a Star Wars set, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is thieves stealing valuable information due to the massive amounts of security. The Mandalorian set, however, became the most recent target while filming in Manhattan Beach.

According to The Blast (who first broke the story), pieces of gear were stolen out of the studio overnight. Within said gear, could potentially be data cards containing footage from The Mandalorian. If a data card was stolen, the information on those cards could potentially be worth big bucks.

First Look Of Star Wars: The Mandalorian
Image via, Lucasfilm, and Disney Studios

The stolen items were taken from the camera department at the Manhattan Beach studio, meaning the primary goal behind the theft could have been a data card. Jon Favreau and crew alerted the police around 11 am EST of the theft and an investigation is currently underway. Upon hearing of the break-in, George Lucas stopped by the studio to check in on Favreau.

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Much like HBO was hacked before Game of Thrones aired, it seems there’s a new breed of thieves seeking out raw unpublished data from high-profile television shows. In an age where leaked shots could equal millions of views (15-minutes of fame and revenue), studio companies will have to take extra measures regarding all materials.

What many fail to consider, however, is how that will affect budgets for these productions and clearance for those working on set. As if things weren’t already high-clearance and secret enough.

The Mandalorian, written and produced by Jon Favreau, is the premier Star Wars television series for the new Disney streaming service launching in late 2019.

How will this type of thievery effect the industry, and will The Mandalorian suffer if a data card was stolen? Let us know in the comments below. “May the Force be with you, always.”

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