Star Trek: Discovery Release Date Announced … For Reals This Time

Since CBS President and CEO Les Moonves’s vague announcement back in February that Star Trek: Discovery would premiere “sometime late summer, early fall we’re looking at right now,” Trekkies have waited on a firm announcement of the repeatedly delayed premiere date with bated breath. Thankfully, a shiny new ad and article from CBS, released today, has finally set a firm date.

American and Canadian Trekkies looking to see the premiere should set their temporal convergence arrays for September 24th, 2017. The rest of the world will have to wait until September 25th.

Star Trek: Discovery Release Date – Where To Watch

American Trekkies will be able to watch the premiere on the CBS Television Network and CBS All Access, with all subsequent episodes only available via CBS All Access. Canadian Trekkies will be able to watch the series premiere, immediately followed by the second episode, on September 24th on Space and Crave TV. Canadian viewers will then be able to tune into subsequent episodes of Star Trek: Discovery every week on Space or stream the show via Crave TV.


Trekkies living elsewhere on the planet — no information yet on how Alpha Centaurans can tune in — can watch the series on Netflix starting on September 25th, 2017. But, in an apparent bid to discourage binge-watching, Discovery will air on streaming services like Netflix in two halves. The first half of the season will be available from September 25th on, and the second half will be released — in accordance with the network broadcast schedule — in January of 2018.

Star Trek: Discovery Release Date – What To Expect

The first look trailer released in May left many Trekkies, including this one, unsure of what to expect from the new show. The trailer makes obvious that Discovery will involve the beginnings of the Klingon/Federation war and will showcase the exploits of Cmdr. Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green.

But, there’s no indication yet as to why the Klingons featured in the trailer look radically different from any previous incarnation of the alien race, how Spock’s father Sarek will fit into the show, how the dastardly Harry Mudd will work his way into the action, or how the USS Discovery will figure in the show — the trailer shows Cmdr. Burnham aboard the USS Shenzhou.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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