Star Trek: Discovery – A Pointy-eared Casting Announcement

A recent Star Trek: Discovery casting announcement seems to put to rest the controversy over when the new show is set: James Frain, who has appeared in Gotham, Orphan Black, and Marvel’s Agent Carter among other TV shows and movies, will play Spock‘s father Sarek in the upcoming show. The character of Sarek was first portrayed by the late Mark Lenard in Star Trek. Lenard subsequently played the role in two other Star Trek TV series and four Star Trek films. Ben Cross is the most recent actor to portray Sarek, playing the well-known Vulcan in the 2009 film Star Trek.

Star Trek: Discovery – What We Know & What We Don’t

Based on Frain’s age, it seems that rumours of Star Trek: Discovery’s being set shortly before the events of the original Star Trek TV show are true. That said, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles on Star Trek: Discovery casting announcements, there are other rumours circulating that each season of Star Trek: Discovery will follow different crews and ships in potentially different eras. So, who knows, fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise might still get to see some of their favourite characters back on the small screen in coming seasons.

Star Trek: Discovery – The Rumours

As they have since initial Star Trek: Discovery teaser trailers premiered, rumours about the new show abound. As I mentioned in a previous article, The Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green is rumoured to be playing a lead role in the upcoming show. Some rumour mongers insist that because of Martin-Green’s involvement in The Walking Dead the premiere date of Star Trek: Discovery has been postponed until fall of this year.

However, there has yet to be an announcement from about further postponing the premiere date of Star Trek: Discovery—it was originally scheduled to premiere in January, 2017. So, again, who knows? But, according to Paramount and CBS, the new show is still slated to premiere this May.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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