Star Trek: Discovery – Confirmed Klingons and a Walking Dead Rumour

Star Trek: Discovery
Lt. Cmdr. Rainsford or Lt. Cmdr. Rumoursford?

Recently a poorly edited article in Entertainment Weekly announced that The Walking Dead cast member Sonequa Martin-Green will play the lead role in Star Trek: Discovery. In the same vein as EW’s announcement, Martin-Green’s page lists her as appearing in the role of Lieutenant Commander Rainsford in every episode of Discovery’s first season.

Although this is all entertaining speculation, neither CBS nor Paramount has confirmed any of it via So, valid or not, without an official announcement, rumours of Martin-Green’s involvement remain rumours.

But, while fans of Sasha, Martin-Green’s character on The Walking Dead, chew their nails, Star Trek fans seeking to get a better picture of what Star Trek: Discovery will involve enjoy three more deliciously confirmed casting announcements. Check out my recent article on Discovery’s three previous casting announcements.

And, not only are they confirmed, they’re all Klingons. This is happy news to Star Trek fans who have been waiting for an announcement about how the new show will reference familiar elements from the franchise. But, some Trekkies worry about what the Klingons will look like.

Star Trek: Discovery
T’Kuvma, forehead ridges or no?

Star Trek: Discovery, Chris Obi – T’Kuvma

Whatever they look end up looking like, it appears that the Klingons will be back to their old habit of engaging in civil war.’s casting announcement notes that Obi’s character T’Kuvma will be working on uniting the various Klingon houses.

Chris Obi has some experience performing in science-fiction. He previously appeared in Doctor Who, and in 2017 he’ll appear in Rupert Sanders‘s Ghost in the Shell.

Star Trek: Discovery
Klingons resolve their bridge disputes in unique ways … how long will Kol stay T’Kuvma’s protégé?

Star Trek: Discovery, Shazad Latif – Kol

But, no Klingon politician is complete without a protégé. So, Shazad Latif, probably best known for playing Dr. Henry Jekyll in Penny Dreadful, will play Klingon commander Kol.

Star Trek: Discovery
With a presence like Barbara March‘s, Chieffo looks like a good fit to play a Klingon battle deck commander.

Star Trek: Discovery, Mary Chieffo – L’Rell

Like the other confirmed Klingons, Paramount and CBS haven’t said much about L’Rell’s back story. Seemingly picked for her six feet of height rather than her experience appearing in science-fiction roles, Chieffo’s credits include Girls! Girls! Girls! and the short film The Perfect Fit.

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